Explore the best of Dalmatia, from North to South, in only seven days.

Route in brief

The Dalmatian coast is a stunning destination for anyone looking to explore the best of the Mediterranean.

If you’re looking for a unique sailing experience, then you should consider a one-way sailing route from Rogoznica to Slano. This route is perfect for those who want to explore some of the most beautiful parts of Croatia and learn more about its culture. With its stunning coastline, abundant wildlife, and picturesque villages, this route is the perfect way to experience the best of Croatia from the sea.

Day 1

Rogoznica – Trogir (20 Nm)

Make Trogir your first stop.

The town is basically a small Island with one of the biggest historical heritages in the world.

Day 2

Trogir – Hvar (32 Nm)

Anchor at Hvar, a town is best known for its rich party life.

The town wins you over with historic sites, beautiful nature, tasty cocktails, and a good atmosphere. But all of that doesn’t come cheap.

Day 3

Hvar – Vis (18 Nm)

Divine and scenic, Vis is a popular vacation spot.

Both tourists and locals love it for the serene beauty of its coastline, heavenly islands, and old town buildings.

Day 4

Vis – Lastovo (46 Nm)

The southernmost Croatian Island in the Adriatic, Lastovo, is also a Nature Park.

It is famous for its landscapes, rich flora and fauna, crystal clear sea, and exciting cultural and historic heritage.

Day 5

Lastovo – Korčula town (29 Nm)

When exploring Dalmatia by boat, a visit Korcula is obligatory.

The medieval walled town of Korcula is situated on an oval-shaped swelling of land that points deep into the Peljesac Channel.

Day 6

Korčula Town – Polače (Mljet) (16 Nm)

Polace is a village on Mljet Island and also, the biggest and safest bay on the island.

Four small islands Tajnik, Moracnik, Ovrata, and Kobrava ensure it is secluded and sheltered, which makes the bay an attractive anchorage for yachtsmen.

Day 7

Polače – Slano (29 Nm)

On day 7, finish your route in Slano near Dubrovnik.

Total sailing distance: 190 Nm

Places you’ll visit


This UNESCO town is perfectly positioned – in Central Dalmatia, very close to Split airport.

Sailors love anchoring in Trogir since it is naturally secured from winds.

Restaurants: Capo, Konoba Trs, Kristian Pizza

Berthing possibilities: ACI Marina Trogir or Marina Trogir


In Hvar town’s hinterland, picturesque lavender fields and fruit trees enchant everybody.

The best time to book a lavender walking tour and see the fields in bloom is between the end of June and the beginning of July.

Restaurants: Meneghello, Toto’s

Berthing possibilities: anchor in Vinogradišće or Ždrilac bay if weather conditions allow it or ACI Palmižana to stay on the safe side


While many Croatian islands are lively and popular party destinations, Vis is best known for its tranquil and calm environment.

It’s the perfect destination for sailing enthusiasts, offering a range of activities and experiences.

Restaurants: Pojoda, Vatrica

Berthing possibilities: Vis Harbor


The island is surrounded by 46 islets and reefs, with almost as many fields and tiny old churches.

Interestingly, Lastovo has no venomous or dangerous animals, so it is completely safe to explore. A rugged coastline with countless bays lets you choose one that will be solely yours.

Berthing possibilities: Skrivena Luka (Porto Rosso)


The town architecture was heavily influenced by Venetian Renaissance.

It looks just like a fishbone – the town is grooved with a succession of narrow streets which branch off the spine of the main street.

Restaurants: Dmitri-Lešić palace

Berthing possibilities: ACI Korčula

Polace (Mljet)

Polace got its name from the Roman palace “Polace”, one of the largest Roman buildings in Dalmatia.

Restaurants: Konoba-Pizzeria Jegulja, Konoba Ankora, Konoba Stella Maris

Berthing possibilities: bay Pomena

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Route in pictures

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