Discover the most hidden gems of Dalmatia that only locals know.

Route in brief

Although this route does not have any overnights in a marina we do recommend you visit one port or marina once or twice to charge the batteries or possibly the water tank as well.

This route is very susceptible to weather conditions and those have to be pretty favorable.

Day 1

Split – Jorja bay (island of Šolta) – 15 Nm

Your first stop is Jorja bay, just right about the middle of Šolta.

Jorja is well sheltered, except from southerly winds.

Day 2

Velika Jorja – St. Klement – 14 Nm

Continue sailing in the direction of the Hvar and Pakleni archipelago.

Find a suitable anchoring spot in one of the bays of St. Clement’s island.

Day 3

St. Klement – Zaglav (island of Vis) – 12 Nm

The next stop is the island of Vis.

Recharge your batteries in the port of Vis.

Day 4

Zaglav – Zaraće (island of Hvar) – 18 Nm

Set course back to island of Hvar.

Although the island is pretty popular, there are still some bays only locals know.

Day 5

Zaraće – Tiha (island of Hvar) – 16 Nm

Anchor in Stari Grad during the day to get some electricity and maybe replenish water.

While you wait you might as well explore the UNESCO site of Stari Grad Plain or the picturesque streets of the first Greek settlement in the Adriatic. Head off to Tiha, an uninhabited bay for some real peace and quiet for the night.

Day 6

Tiha – Blaca (island of Brač) – 8 Nm

Cross the channel in the morning and admire the stunning beach Zlatni rat in Bol just sailing by it.

Your final destination for the day is the Blaca cove. Anchor the boat safely and add shore lines just to stay on the safe side.

Day 7

Blaca – Milna – Split – 22 Nm

Head to Milna to refuel and avoid long queues in Split and try to sail all the way to Split.

Total sailing distance: 105 Nm

Places you’ll visit

Jorja (Solta)

The bay itself does not look very welcoming at first, at least until you’ve seen what Kike has done with the place.

He is an enthusiastic local that has put much effort in restoring a fisherman’s shelter and turned it into a family-run tavern just for yachtsmen. He has also placed mooring lines for up to 8 boats.

St. Klement (Pakleni islands)

Vinogradišće is the most popular one (and crowded so if you want to avoid the crowd steer clear of it).

Ždrilci, on the western part of Marinkovac island, is very well sheltered and usually occupied by larger yachts. Which leaves you with Taršće, well sheltered from bura and northwestery winds but not as much from southerly winds. You should anchor in the center of the bay at a depth of 6-13 m. The local restaurant Dionis offers pleasant atmosphere and authentic menu (if you’ll be having dinner there it might be a good idea to bring your flashlight to ease your return aboard).

Zaglav (Vis)

Head out to explore the beauties of the island by day – beaches, islands, and a beautiful blue lagoon,

  • Stončica with the charming lighthouse and sandy beach
  • Stiniva – a small beach surrounded and protected by impressive rocks (pretty crowded with daily excursions coming all the way from Hvar or Split, so it might be a good idea to leave it for last)
  • islands of Ravnik with the Green Cave
  • the beautiful blue lagoon of Budikovac island

Head to the Zaglav bay in late afternoon and anchor there for the night. There are only a few houses here and a beautiful sandy beach.

Zarace (Island of Hvar)

There are a few lovely hidden places where you can drop your anchor.

One suggestion is to drop in to Sveta Nedjelja for some wine tasting in Zlatan otok restaurant and winery. Or, for those seeking more action, Sveta Nedjelja is also known for great free climbing rocks in the vicinity. The third option is just enjoying one of the most famous beaches on Hvar island – Dubovica. A spacious pebble beach is in perfect synchrony with the rustic-baroque villa of the Kasandrić family.

Stari Grad (Hvar)

The town is located on northern side of the island of Hvar which is a well known tourist destination.

Blaca (Island of Brac)

he Blaca hermitage (desert) is a 45 minutes hike.

The interesting museum is open 9-17 in high season and 9-15 in the off-season, every day except on Mondays. Bring sufficient amounts of water and suitable footwear and enjoy exploring the library, astronomical observatory, church and monastery. Returning downhill towards the boat will be a piece of cake.

The town has alluring streets, charming squares, brilliant restaurants, endless Aperol spritz, and gorgeous beaches.

Milna (Brac)

The town is known as the most stunning and the safest harbour of Brac island.

There are two highly equipped marinas that will provide you with high quality service.

Boats for your island hopping

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Route in pictures

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