Andrijana Ozretic

Charter Manager

Andrijana has been enriching the Nava office with her optimism and cheerful character for the past 15 years.

She still sparks every Monday morning. Andrijana reigns over the charter department with professionalism and dedication, mastering the management of people and boats perfectly. Some say she has never been late in her 15 years here, and we have no doubt about it. With immaculate time management and her deadlines always in sight, Andrijana is the mastermind behind our charter operations.

And Ms. Ozretic is truly a woman of many talents and duties. At Nava, she takes care of booking, charter management and charter accounting, and communication with agents. She follows up on all charter payments, invoices, and charter contracts for individuals and agencies while making sure that all boat owners receive their monthly and annual financial statements, and their income reports.

Sounds like a lot? If you ask her, Andrijana could tell you countless tasks we didn’t list here. Her go-getter mentality and unparalleled industry expertise ensure success for whatever she sets her mind to.

Do you want to experience this wonder woman firsthand? Send her an email! Last year, Andrijana replied to over 10,000 emails. But what’s even more, she has welcomed 2,000 guests in person.

You are wondering if she still has some time for herself outside of running the show at Nava? Of course, Andrijana loves getting active in nature with her family and friends. And being the power woman she is, she also raises two amazing kids.

Lovorka Kalebic

Booking Manager

When we hired Lovorka in 2016, we knew we had landed ourselves a multi-talent. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Split with not one, but three majors: Italian language, literature, and art history.

But Ms. Kalebić is not just fluent in Italian, she also communicates in English and Russian regularly.

While her art history knowledge comes in handy when working as a local tourist guide, this also means she also knows plenty about the area and always has a fun fact ready for our guests.

And while her personality and beaming smile make her a great colleague to be around, she’s also in charge of key business activities. Lovorka handles bookings and communicates with guests and agents alike. Last but not least, you’ll find her down in the marina, welcoming you on board your charter yacht.

Andela Vuleta

Booking Manager

Andela joined Nava in 2019, and we actually sponsored her award at the Faculty of Maritime Studies. As it so happened, we were searching for a student to help out at the charter department.

It turned out Andela was our person! After her graduation, we offered her an intern position and she has been an important part of the charter team ever since. Andela speaks basic German and English fluently. Having previous experience in the charter business was also a big plus for landing a job at Nava.

She is always eager to share her thoughts and ideas, which helps the charter department work together better. Since she is also quick to learn, the team stays flexible and up-to-date.

Her positive attitude keeps us all feeling good and motivated to come up with new ideas.

Andela is in contact with guests and agents, works together with the rest of the team to prepare everything for guests’ arrival, and welcomes them at the office in Split and handles the paperwork.

Josip Petricevic

Booking Manager

For 5 years now, Josip has been lighting up the Nava Team and office with his smile and his unceasing willingness to help wherever he is needed.

Josip is not just a multilingual talent, speaking English, Spanish, and some Czech, but he is also constantly expanding his practical skills and knowledge. His work attitude and skills make him an indispensable asset to our Nava team.

What is more, his working style is meticulous. Everyone who has met Josip knows, he won’t stop until everyone is happy on board.

At Nava, Josip is one of our key people who make sailing dreams come true. This is why he handles bookings and charter communication with guests and agents. But he also welcomes guests in our marina in Rogoznica and manages the administrative part of charter activities. And like we said, there’s almost nothing, Josip wouldn’t lend a hand with.

Marko Zarko

Booking Agent

Marko is Nava’s most recent “acquisition”.

Marko has a BA in economics in entrepreneurship and MA in marketing. He has been working in either tourism and travel or the banking and administration. We strongly believe all his experience has prepared him well for his position at Nava. He speaks fluently English and also some German and Spanish.

When he’s not at work, he loves to travel – distant destinations are his passion. Marko also likes to ski, play tennis and all kinds of sports and going out to clubs and restaurants.

Filip Mimica

Fleet Manager

Filip is one of the newer team members at Nava.

He is in charge of coordinating works on boats in our yacht charter management program. Filip communicates with the boat owners, sends offers, and issues invoices.

With a professional bachelor’s degree in Small Business Management with a focus on Marketing from the University of Split in his hands, there was no doubt for Filip. Nava is the best at what they do, and he wanted to be a part of that team. His favorite part of the job is definitely attending boat shows!

When he’s not working in Nava, you’ll find Filip either diving, playing tennis, or having fun with friends.

Robert Ruzic

Base Manager

With 20 years and counting as Nava’s base manager, Robert, A.K.A. Riža, has become an institution in our marina.

He is the master of all charter boats and knows each one of them inside and out. From check-in to check-out, “Riža” is your #1 contact during your sailing adventure.
So you better add him to your contacts now, because no matter what happens on your charter, “Call Robert” will always provide a solution.
He will be there for you 24/7, yes, also at 3 am on a Tuesday.

His job description might say “support and logistics” but we all know there’s nothing Robert doesn’t do. After all, his job is to make sure you have the best charter in your life.
Or at least the best one this year, we can talk about the next year later.

While his motto might be “Pomalo”, or “take it easy”, he does not take his job lightly.
He’ll remain calm no matter how the wind blows and tackles every issue like an expert.

And if you already went from chartering to owning a boat, she is in the best hands with Robert. His expertise and attention to detail make him the best base manager any sailor could ask for.

If he’s not working his magic, solving problems, and making the impossible happen, you’ll most likely find Robert with his family or doing his favorite thing: sailing.

Mateo Popovic

Split Charter Base Attendant

Mate is Riža’s right hand. 

At our base, Mate takes care of our charter fleet, does check-ins and check-outs with our guests while also managing tasks among the Nava team.

With 20 years and counting as Nava’s base manager, Robert, A.K.A. Riža, has become an institution in our marina. He is the master of all charter boats and knows each one of them inside and out.

But most importantly, Mate is our Sails-Master. He knows everything there is to know about sails and can fix pretty much anything. With 15 years of experience at Nava, rest assured that Mate is the best guy for the job.

And if you think he is only setting sails in his work life, you are mistaken! Mate is also a licensed sailor. If he’s not with his family, you’ll find him spending time at sea.

Dino Catipovic

Base Manager Rogoznica

Dino is an expert on all things related to boat maintenance.

After working on aluminum boats manufacturing in Colnago and driving a boat taxi during the summer, Dino came to Nava in 2019. His High School diploma in technical engineering comes in handy when any given device on board needs some fine-tuning.

Jure Kalajzic

Rogoznica Charter Base Attendant

Nava’s Charter Team would not be the same without Jure.

After a lot of experience in tourism and especially working at the Zip line in Omis where he was in charge of entire groups of people who have never before experienced anything like it, Jure opted for a more laid-back position at Nava. Not that working at Nava means less work, but at least one is not directly responsible for lives of people speeding down a zip line.

When he is not working, he is usually at a gig or rehearsal with his band where he plays the drums, or he is playing the guitar, or planing or taking the next trip with his beloved. He has been to Thailand, Syria, Bali etc.

Zoran Trost

Base Manager Pula & Sales Representative

Zoran joined Nava in 2023 as the base manager in our fourth charter base in Marina Polesana in Pula.

With almost thirty years of experience in boat charter, boat sales, and boat maintenance, Zoran is the ideal base manager. Highly skilled and well-organized, great at managing people and with the knowledge of English, Italian and German language, our charter guests in Pula, are in good hands. Together with Teo’s, they are running our Pula charter base smoothly and our boats are in excellent condition.


Head of Sales Sergije Plavsa

Sergije Plavsa

Head of Sales Department

Sergije has been with Nava for almost 20 years.

He is passionately devoted to boat sales and our clients. Committed and consistent to boating, he is in charge of client relations and sales coordination. As a true boat connoisseur he is the best advisor you might wish for when buying a boat. Warm and friendly with a great sense of humor he is always an agreeable negotiator.

Marina Poljak

Sales Representative

Marina has been with Nava since her college days. She started as a hostess at boat shows, events and even boats.

She is now your go-to person if you need a new or pre-owned boat? She will find the best solution and see to timely delivery of the boat, coordinate transport, boat registrations, insurances. Being practically almighty, she can find a solution for everyone and everything. Her degree in economics and hosting for Nava at boat shows during college days were all meant for her ending up here with us.

Her greatest passion outside Nava is traveling, and she loves to explore European and Central and South American countries and cities in particular.

Tomislav Harapin

After Sales Representative

Nava team welcomed Tomo in 2019.

With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Maritime Studies (in Maritime Management) and some student job experience in retail, delivery, and transfer, he was a perfect candidate for Nava. His favorite part of the job is certainly finding just the perfect spare part or equipment for a customer and helping them arrange their boat just the way they like it.

When off duty, Tomo likes to either fish in and around Split, and ski (obviously not in Split 🙂

Tonci Boko

After Sales Coordinator

Toni is the one that is doing the handing over of boats, coordinating deliveries, and organizing services, repairs, and additional equipment installments.

Toni is a long-standing member of Nava staff. He has specialized in all types of delivery of new boats and is highly dedicated to after-sales support. He prepares and coordinates all new deliveries and is always at your service.

Nina Marijan

Tiwal Sales Representative

About employee short…

About empoyee long…

Mia Marijan

Saxdor, Nimbua & Riviera Sales Representative

About employee short…

About empoyee long…

Volvo Penta Center

Josip Bozic

Volvo Penta Center Manager

Josip joined the Volvo Penta Center back in 2006, right after high school.

He started as a service technician and passed all levels of the department to become the Volvo Penta Center manager in 2017. He has recently enrolled to Maritime Management and is just a few exams away from finishing it. In his spare time he enjoys getting away with his family on the island of Solta.

Vasja Simeonov

Head of Volvo Parts & Accessories

Vasja joined Nava and Volvo 20 years ago.

Vasja has been with Nava for a long time. After the faculty of Maritime Studies in Split, Vasja worked as a Radio Officer at Mediteranska Plovidba and then came to work at Nava.

He keeps the warehouse well stocked and arranges that we have exactly the part that you need. He also makes sure that all the complaints are processed in a timely manner and he always puts the customer’s needs first.

Tonci Bozic

Sales & Administration

Tonci came to work at Nava in 2016 after finishing Graphic High School.

He is here to help you when purchasing a spare part for your engine or additional equipment for it.

Frano Krizanac

Sales Representative for Volvo Engines & Parts

Frano joined the Volvo and Nava team in 2019.

His training from Commercial High School makes him an excellent addition to the team.

Ivan Tomasovic

Sales Representative for Volvo Parts & Accessories

Ivan is a long term member of the Volvo team, since 2006.

If you are purchasing a spare part for your engine or additional equipment for it, Ivan will be happy to help. He finished Economics High School.

Duje Vidovic

Service Technician

Duje joined the Volvo Service team in 2018, shortly after finishing Maritime High School.

Luka Krizevic

Service Technician

Luka joined the Service team in 2017.

Leo Vodanovic

Service Technician

The newest addition to the Volvo Service Team, Leo joined in 2021.

Leo finished Industrial High School with specific training as a ship’s mechanic.


Silvija Negodic, Ana Zuric & Vjera Boko

Head of Accounting & Administrators

Making sure all invoices, fees, paychecks, and installments are paid on time is no easy task.

But Silvija, Vjera and Ana are a great team.

Silvija is the Head of Accounting and is in charge of reports, financial planning, and maintaining optimal cash flows, all in close cooperation with the Management. Outside work, Silvija enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Silvija is a licensed accountant with over 20 years of experience in managing accounting for small and micro businesses.

Vjera is in charge of all the payments – invoices, paychecks, commissions, and receipts. She has been with Nava for a long time and still sometimes helps out at boat shows or during the regatta. Before and after work, she loves to relax by walking her dog and taking photos of sunsets or sunrises over Split, or preparing and taking photos of lunch or brunch. Spending time with her daughter, getting together with friends and seeking new adventures are all of her favorite activities.

Ana is helping out with payments, doing all the “back office” stuff. When she’s not at Nava she’s walking her dog with Vjera and her dog. Vjera and Ana have discovered their passion for mountains and hiking and have recently acquired a diploma from the Croatian Mountaineering Association.


Nava General Manager Dario Marijan

Dario Marijan

General Manager

Dario’s passion for boats, boating and fishing is what got Nava started and keeps the company going.

The founder and owner of Nautika centar Nava, a successful businessman and visionary with impeccable taste in boats and a great ability to plan and predict trends and choose the right dealerships and partners to work with. Over the years Dario has also developed his fishing skills and won the best angler title at the Big Game Fishing world championship in Cabo San Lucas in 2008 and the second best angler in Costa Rica 2014.

Nava CEO Inge Cosic

Inge Cosic


Inge sorts all everyday tasks and makes sure the Nava “engine” runs smoothly.

Inge Cosic started (Ingrid is her real name but she doesn’t respond to it) working at Nava a long time ago and has been the company’s CEO for years. While the planning and big business deals are made by consensus with Dario, daily decisions and management has become her specialty. Being fluent in English and Italian and with previous work experiences that she gained Europe-wide all prepared her for this hectic, dynamic and challenging job at Nava.

When she’s not working, Inge is either traveling or spending time on her sunny island of Brac (sometimes she’s even working from Brac).


Jelena Delic

Head of Marketing Department and Project Manager

Jelena first joined Nava in the Accounting Department but her talents were soon noticed by the management…

Being a master’s graduate of Maritime Management and with an excellent student job experience in a big supermarket where she coordinated and supervised other students and employees, Jelena was a perfect fit for Nava. Her talents with Excel and her eye for details, and numbers came so handy.

She quickly became the Jack of all trades and loves analyzing and gathering data and figures. Moreover, Jelena presents and interprets them with such ease. This makes her Cost-Income tables for charter management easy to understand and ready for planning your investment.

Her talents don’t stop there. She has been the main project manager for the latest web-site, organization of the Adriatic Lagoon Regatta, etc.

Outside work, she loves to spend time with her family, friends, and colleagues.

Jelena Banovic

Marketing Content Coordinator

Jelena joined the Nava team in 2014 after “wasting” away several years in the banking sector.

With a degree in tourism communicology, Jelena worked in one of the first online agencies for private accommodation fresh out of college. Due to her passion for foreign languages, she speaks English, German, French and some Italian and Russian, she managed to get back to her desired profession – tourism. Because of her awesome writing skills (in Croatian, as well as English) and the desire to learn and take interest in new marketing trends, she ended up in the marketing department. She worked on launching the new navaboats website back in 2015, as well as this one, coordinated the EU grant project, Adriatic Lagoon Regattas, all the Erasmus interns that Nava has been welcoming since 2014. Helping out in charter during the summer seasons is also on her task list.

When she’s not working or taking care of her 4 daughters, Jelena likes to relax at home with some yoga, or a good book, bake cookies, plan the next family trip, or dance.

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