Istria and Kvarner are two of the most beautiful and unique regions in Croatia.

Route in brief

With stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, North Adriatic offers a variety of attractions and activities for travelers.

Located in the northwestern part of Croatia, Istria and Kvarner are well known for its breathtaking natural beauty. This sailing route covers it all – from pristine beaches to lush forests and lovely coastal towns.

Day 1

Pula – Soline Bay (6 Nm)

Take it easy on the first day and just get to Soline.

It’s a busy cove, so be careful. The bora wind can be very strong.

Day 2

Soline bay – Maracol Bay, Unije (27 Nm)

Maracol bay is situated on the southeastern side of Unije island.

There’s only one settlement on the island, and it is on the northwest side of the island, a 20-minute walk over the hill.

Day 3

Maracol Bay – Susak – Mali Losinj (13 Nm)

The small island Susak is the only sandy island in Croatia.

It’s a great stop for some swimming, snorkeling and exploring before heading off to Mali Losinj, with a more city-like vibe!

Day 4

Mali Losinj – Rab (30 Nm)

Arrive to island Rab, or as it used to be called, the Happy Island,

There’s an abundance of interesting geological features and unusual landscapes.

Day 5

Rab – Pogana, Cres (22 Nm)

On the most southern side of Cres island, near the countryside called Punta Kriza, there’s a tiny village called Pogana in Jadriscica bay.

It’s a popular anchorage because it’s well protected from almost all winds. For instance, bura, tramontana and maestral.

Day 6

Pogana, Cres – Osor – Martisnica, Cres (10 Nm + 15 Nm)

First, stop at Osor, which is located in the channel that separates Cres and Losinj islands.

Hence, it’s always been a center of the archipelago.

You final stop of the day, Martisnica, is another settlement on Cres island.

Day 7

Martinscica, Cres – Pula (36 Nm)

Return back to your base Marina Polesana in Pula.

Total sailing distance: 129 Nm

Places you’ll visit

Soline bay

There are several bars that offer snacks, cocktails and drinks.

Refreshments: Beach Bar Soline, Bar Vala

Berthing possibilities: Marina Veruda

Maracol bay (Unije)

There’s not much to do on the island but simply take in the nature.

The fresh air and crystal clear blue sea will definitely help you recharge your batteries from the everyday stress.

Restaurants: Konoba kod Joze, Pension Unijana

Berthing possibilities: Maraccol Bay


Even the most experienced sailors can confirm that there’s no destination such as this one.

The island has remained hidden and untouched, so you don’t have to worry about the summer crowds.

Mali Losinj

Mali Losinj is definitely one of the more prominent tourist destinations.

We recommend getting there as early as possible in order to catch a berth in one of the three marinas. But, it is worth the effort! The green island Losinj is best known for the centuries-old pine forests, festivities, traditions, and maybe most important of them all, authentic cuisine.

Restaurants: Konoba Barbara, Konoba VERA,

Berthing possibilities: Bok Bay


Rab is one of the busiest islands in Kvarner and there are many reasons for that.

There are many beaches to explore, but we recommend “Paradise Beach”. And when you wish to escape the heat, plan a picnic in Komrcar Park.

Restaurants: Konoba Rab, Restaurant & Caffe “Velum”, Konoba KALDANAC

Berthing possibilities: ACI Marina Rab

Pogana (Cres)

This hidden gem will charm you immediately.

Just like on the rest of the island, the locals are mostly farmers, and the beautiful scenery of practically untouched nature and clean sea is yours to enjoy.

Restaurants: Restaurant Pogana, Fish and Steak restaurant Lucica

Berthing possibilities: Jadriscica


The town still has many remnants of it’s famous history, most of which date back to 15th century

Nowadays, the town is full of life again. The locals love organising The Osor Musical Evenings that take place in the Cathedral. The bridge that conects Cres to Losinj opens at 9 and 17 h every day. So, plan your route accordingly.

Martinsica (Cres)

There’s a well-protected harbor, and this made Martinscica an essential stop for all sailors.

When in town, visiting one of the excellent seafood restaurants is a must.

Restaurants: Koralj, Sidro

Berthing possibilities: Tiha bay

Boats for your island hopping

You can take any of our boats from Pula and go island hopping…

Route in pictures

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