Hop on board in Pula. Sail to Pomer, Mali Losinj, Molat, Dugi otok, Ilovik, Unije. A total of 154 nm.

Route in brief

The North Adriatic is full of top nautical destinations. Whether you’re in search of an idyllic island getaway, a picturesque fishing village, or a hidden bay, the North Adriatic has something for everyone.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite nautical destinations in the North Adriatic so that planning your next charter experience in Croatia is a piece of cake.

Day 1

Pula – Pomer (16 Nm)

Pomer is a lovely, untouched village, opposite Medulin. It has shallow, pebble beaches which are great for water sports such as snorkeling and windsurfing.

Day 2

Pomer – Mali Losinj (30 Nm)

Sail off for the island of Losinj in the morning. Stop for some swimming in Val Malfred or Krivica bay before heading for Mali Losinj. It is situated in a narrow bay on the southeast side of the island. Back in the 19th century, the town was the regional leader in construction of sailing ships and famous for excellent seamen. In the end of the 19th century, it became a climatic health resort for the Austro-Hungarian travelers.

Day 3

Veli Losinj – Molat (30 Nm)

Molat, an island in the North Dalmatian archipelago, is popular among sailors for its many bays an anchoring spots. Located near Zadar, Molat is known for its picturesque streets, pine forests, and untouched nature.

Day 4

Molat – Sakarun (Dugi Otok) (8 Nm)

Sakarun is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia. It’s a stunning sandy beach on the island of Dugi otok. Since it’s only 8 nm from Molat, you can get there early and select the best spot for yourself.

Day 5

Sakarun – Ilovik (26 Nm)

Ilovik is a small island, right off the southern tip of the island of Losinj. The island has a small population of only 100 people, and a total surface of little under 6 square kilometers.

Day 6

Ilovik – Unije (17 Nm)

Unije Island is the perfect destination if you are interested in getting away from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is one of the smaller islands in Kvarner Bay, just 10 km in length!

Day 7

Unije – Rt Kamenjak – Pula (27 Nm)

Start early and head for Rt Kamenjak. It’s a perfect stop for a swim and some lunch before heading back to Pula. It’s the biggest town in Istra, known for its rich history, cobbled streets. One of the most famous Croatian attractions, the well-preserved Roman Amphitheatre, the Arena is in the center of Pula.

Places you’ll visit


Pomer is a charming, unspoiled town, with remains of an ancient Roman villa rustica and several churches. The well-equipped Pomer beach offers various beach bars, cafés, and a restaurant, plus many water sports activities and plenty of shade. Pomer is even a great place to safely anchor your boat since it is well-protected from strong winds.
Restaurants: The One, Scuza Pomer
Berthing possibilities: ACI Marina Pomer

Mali Losinj

The island of Losinj is famous for its climate, dolphins and Apoxymenos. The natural healing aerosol is a perfect combination of great air quality, dispersed drops of essential oils from medicinal herbs and sea salt particles. Combined with the mild Mediterranean climate, it has numerous health benefits and helps with allergies, skin problems, and lung conditions. Marine Education Center in Mali Losinj is part of the Blue World Institute. They work on protecting, educating and researching marine life and dolphins, in particular. There are around 200 bottlenose dolphins inhabiting the waters of Losinj and Cres. Apoxymenos, is a stunning bronze statue that has a museum of its own. And, you should definitely visit it.
Restaurants: Bora Bar, Konoba Trattoria Tartuferia, Gostionica MARINA, Grizzly.
Attractions: Apoxymenos museum, Dolphin Watching and the Marine Education Centre
Berthing Possibilities: Mali Losinj harbor


The white sand, the clean, and crystal clear sea with different shades of blue, plus the surrounding pine trees that give plenty of shade in the summer, make this picture-perfect bay such an attraction. It is about 800 meters long and very shallow. 250 meters from the shore the depth is only 3.5 meters. This makes it great even for small kids. You can rent some sun lounges and parasols on the beach or find refreshment in either of the two bars, or the restaurant.
Restaurants: Daleka obala, Beach bar Sakarun, Amarcord Bar, or other places Konoba Braska or Gorgonia Grill
Berthing possibilities: Veli Rat marina or buoys in Veli Rat bay or Sakarun bay (depending on weather conditions)


The island is almost fully green, covered in biodiversity. Molat is a pleasant and quiet place with hidden beaches and bays for swimming, as well as a few restaurants and stores. With many modest harbours in the heart of the island, Molat is the perfect stop on your sailing route.  
Restaurants: Papa, Grill Mare, Momi, Ristorante Zverinac
Berthing Possibilities: Marina Molat, Brguljski Zaljev, Uvala Lucina


Ilovik is a car-free island known for its beautiful pine and olive trees, and rich vegetation. It’s perfect for
anchoring and enjoying the calm atmosphere.
Restaurants: Restaurant Esempio, Konoba Oliva, Restaurant Dalmatinka
Attractions: On the south side of the island, there’s Parzine Beach, which is a sandy beach surrounded by pine trees. Parknu Beach, located farther west, is a rocky beach with shallow water that is ideal for families. On the other hand, if you like hiking, you can climb Dida Hill (96 m high), the highest point of the island, and admire the breathtaking view.
Berthing Possibilities: Ilovik harbor


Like Ilovik, Unije is completely car-free, perfect for an active adventure around the island – explore by bike or by walk. Alternatively, you can anchor on the many berthing spots around the island and enjoy a relaxing and quiet stop.
Restaurants: Bara Bar
Attractions: While there isn’t much to do on the island itself, you can spend your time biking/hiking around the coast and exploring nearby bays and beaches, such as Maracol Bay. The villa rustica, Church of St Andrew and Vnetak Lighthouse are some points of interest on the island.
Berthing Possibilities: Maracol cove with 50 buoys


With Nava’s new base in the new Marina Polesana, Pula certainly is the ideal start and finish point. This marina is not far from Pula center, has all the necessary amenities, and makes the perfect close to your sailing vacation.
Restaurants: Epulon Food and Wine, Tivoli
Attractions: The Arena, Triumphal Arch of the Sergii, Temple of Augustus, the Forum
Berthing Possibilities: Marina Polesana

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