Central Dalmatia is one of the top sailing destinations on the Mediterranean.

Route in brief

Start your cruise in Split and discover breathtaking beauties of Brac, Hvar, Solta, and Vis islands.

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime and explore Croatia’s majestic coastline from the comfort of a charter boat! Revel in the stunning scenery, find hidden coves and bays, and discover some of the most beautiful nautical destinations in the world. It’s an experience you will treasure forever!

Day 1

Split – Lucice (Brac) (11 Nm)

Lucice is one of the favorite destinations for all yachtsmen visiting Brac island.

The bay is well protected from all the winds.

Day 2

Lucice (Brac) – Komiza (Vis) – 24 Nm

A visitor who has been to the island of Vis, cannot help longing to move there permanently, or at least coming back every summer.

The two centers, Komiza and Vis, completely differ and yet perfectly enclose a Jin-Jang circle in which tendrils of European grape are interwoven with the fishermen’s nets.

Day 3

Komiza (Vis) – Pakleni islands (14 Nm)

The Pakleni islands are the most beautiful part of the Hvar Riviera.

This archipelago consists of 21 small islands and little rocks.

Day 4

Pakleni islands – Starigrad (Hvar) (8 Nm)

Stari Grad and – the island of Hvar, is a constant attraction for boaters.

Hvar is the sunniest island in Croatia and the most visited island by tourists

Day 5

Starigrad (Hvar) – Jelsa (Hvar) – Bol – Blaca (Brač) (8 Nm + 7 Nm)

First, make a stop at Jelsa, the charming and welcoming town situated in the middle of the  Hvar island.

Spend the afternoon in Bol, the oldest coastal settlement on Brač. It exists in the solitude of the southern landscape, at the foot of the Bol crown and Vidova Mountain – the highest island peak and at the same time the highest point of all Adriatic islands (778 m).

Finally, settle down for the night at Blaca, the settlement on the southern side of Brac island.

Day 6

Blaca (Brac) – Stomorska (Solta) (12 Nm)

Stomorska is a small village with a few hundred inhabitants.

It is famous for its old sailboats and there are about a dozen of them in the harbor.

Day 7

Stomorska (Solta)-Split (9 Nm)

Finish your cruise back in Split and spend the afternoon exploring The city of Diocletian.

Total sailing distance: 93 Nm

Places you’ll visit

Lucice (Brac)

The Lucice bay is interesting to both the sailors and divers

There’s a cave on the western side. This sandy beach is surrounded by a deep pine forest. The bright azure colors invite you for a swim.

Komiza (Vis)

This Mediterranean fishing village is situated on the western side of the island.

It’s popular for picturesque beaches and narrow roads and houses squeezed together around the town harbor. If you enjoy active vacations, try out some parachute-sailing, riding, walking in nature, and maybe even scuba-diving among sunken planes, sailing ships, submarines, and warships.

Restaurants (Vis): Pojoda, Vatrica,
Restaurants (Komiža): Jastožera, Bako
Other restaurants: Senko’s (Molo Trovna Cove), Roki’s (inland), Konoba Tomic (Bisevo)

Pakleni islands

ACI marina Palmižana is a very safe and modern marina where you can spend the night.

For a more romantic setting, there are a number of well-protected bays to provide shelter for the night. Be aware of the shallows and rocks under the surface.

Restaurants (Pakleni Islands)- Meneghello (Palmizana), Dionis (Vlaka), Mali raj (Zdrilca, Marinkovac Island)

Starigrad (Hvar)

Stari Grad and Hvar give off the traces of history which have roots in the ancient Greek civilization.

Yet the history which is interwoven with advanced cultural, sport, and recreational entertainment.

Restaurants (Stari Grad): Jurin Podrum (original Hvar dishes), Podravska klet
Restaurants (Hvar): Restaurant Luviji, U Toncijevu dvoru, Kamanjo (Milna Bay)

Jelsa (Hvar)

This charming town is situated in the heart of  Hvar island.

It is surrounded by the two highest mountains on the island, St. Nikola on the west side and Hum on the east. Anchor in one of the many bays or capes, most are adequate for swimming. Find the much-needed refreshment and shade during the summer heat at the gravel beaches surrounded by pine forests.

Bol (Brač)

Bol has many beautiful beaches. To the west from Bol lies the beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) one of the largest and most beautiful attractions of the Adriatic.

Like a small tongue it kilometer,extends nearly half a kilometre into the clear blue sea.

Restaurants: Mlin, Konoba Gušt

Blaca (Brač)

Blaca Monastery and Hermitage is a proud monument of the rich history of Brac island.

The well preserved Renaissance hermitage monastery was founded by two Glagolitic monks in the karst cave in the 16th Century. Nowadays, it is a museum, only accessible by foot.

Stomorska (Solta)

During the summer months,harbora nightclub Stomorska is also a popular harbour for tourist ships, as well as for the numerous sailboats and yachts.

There are several restaurants, pizza restaurant, wine cellars, a night club and a disco club. You can spen,d the evening on the terrace of the hotel with live music. And you also have a long boardwalk along the sea.

Restaurants: Nevera
Other restaurants on Solta: Konoba Lero (the bay Jorija)

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