Sailing in the Middle Adriatic gives you an opportunity to explore some of the world’s top nautical destinations. Find out which ones!

Route in brief

Advanced sailing route from Rogoznica to Rogoznica. 220 nm suggested route takes you to Solta, Vis, Korcula, Hvar, and Split.

Sailing is one of the best ways to explore Croatia. Enjoy incredible scenery and discover hidden coves and bays in the Middle Adriatic. This part of the Mediterranean is full of gorgeous nautical destinations, some of which are among the best in the world.

Day 1

Rogoznica – Sesula (Solta) (18 Nm)

Sesula bay is one of the favorite’ in the Middle Adriatic for many sailors. It naturally protects boats from both Northern and Southern winds.

Day 2

Sesula (Solta) – Komiza (Vis) (28 Nm)

Komiza is a tiny fishing town with a long tradition, situated in the deep bay on the West coast of Vis island. It is a classic Mediterranean town, jeweled with narrow alleys, stone houses around the town port, and beautiful pebble beaches with a source of drinking water.

Day 3

Komiza (Vis) – Bisevo (7 Nm) – Vela Luka (Korcula) (37 Nm)

First, stop at Bisevo, the farthes inhabited island of Adriatic. Then, point your sails to Vela Luka which will take you to the glorious Croatian past.

Day 4

Vela Luka (Korcula) – Korcula (Korcula) (35 Nm)

Korcula town is the cultural and administrative center of Korcula island. The famous explorer Marco Polo is believed to be from this medieval town.

Day 5

Korcula – Sv. Klement (Pakleni islands) (42 Nm)

Sv. Klement is the biggest island of the gorgeous chain of wooded isles known as Pakleni island. This archipelago is near Hvar. It’s covered in deep pine forest and sandy beaches.

Day 6

Sv. Klement (Pakleni islands) – Split (24 Nm)

Split is the second biggest town in Croatia and the center of Dalmatia. The historic town was built by Romans and has much to offer.

Day 7

Split – Rogoznica (29 Nm)

Total sailing distance: 220 Nm

Places you’ll visit

Sesula (Solta)

Sesula bay is very close to Maslinica – another wonderful bay on Solta island. You will remember this bay for the magnificient view and exceptional gastronomy offer.
Restaurants: Konoba Sesula, Sismis
Berthing possibilities: Sesula bay

Komiza (Vis)

Komiza is the warmest town in Croatia during winters. The archipelago of Komiza includes some of the farthest islands of Adriatic: Bisevo, Palagruza, Sv. Andrija, and volcano islands Jabuka and Brusnik.
Berthing possibilities: Komiza Town Harbour


The coastline is mostly composed of high roots and cliffs, but if you dare to explore hidden bays, you will be welcomed by sandy beaches. Most sailors visit Bisevo to see the UNESCO-protected Blue Cave phenomenon which can only be entered by a small boat.
Restaurants: Konoba Lucica
Berthing possibilities: Porat (Bisevska Luka)

Vela Luka

Vela Luka is the perfect town to enjoy culture, art, and music. Take a stroll along Riva, meet locals in their tiny shops for olive oil tastings. Explore the cave Vela Spila or visit Prozid, the small island with white pebbled beaches, surrounded by turquoise waters.


We recommend stepping into the old town’s wine bars and tasting the local wine. And as you’re sipping wine, hop to the western side of the walls and watch the wonderful sunset.
Restaurants: Dmitri-Lesic palace
Berthing possibilities: ACI Marina Korcula

Sv. Klement (Pakleni islands)

Drop your anchor in the well-secured Vlaka bay and swim in the crystal clear blue water.
Restaurants: Menghello, Toto’s
Berthing possibilities: Vlaka bay if weather conditions allow it or ACI Palmizana to stay on the safe side


We recommend taking a stroll down Riva, visiting the Diocletian’s palace and Peristyle. Another great site is Marmont Street which extends down to the waterfront and is lined by shops, restaurants, and cafes at the upper end. And for the whiff of nature, go to the Forest Park Marjan and climb to the Prva Vidilica which oversees the entire city. All of this is within a radius of only 15 minutes’ walk away from our Nava Marina.
Restaurants: Pizzeria Galija, Nostromo
Berthing possibilities: Nava Marina

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Route in pictures

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