The Croatian coastline and its islands might seem idyllic and peaceful during the day, but some of them turn into hard party zones and some of the best party destinations in Europe after sundown.

Pag Island with the famous Zrce beach is undoubtedly a party destination number one. However, southern Croatia prides itself with a vibrant party scene, rain or shine. As soon as summer starts, nightlife in big cities like Split or Dubrovnik is in full swing.

When you book a boat with Nava Charter, you may want to spend your holiday partying it up at a different location every single night. And, that’s the best part of having a boat.

One thing is certain: fun will find you wherever you go. So, to get you in the mood, we bring you the list of 10 most popular party destinations in Croatia.

Party islands in Croatia


It is safe to say that this place offers a life changing perspective of summer holidays. All summer long, suntanned youngsters attend electronic music festivals at Zrće beach near Novalja. But Pag island has so much more to offer. Enjoy some of Croatia’s best delicacies: Pag cheese, Pag lamb and Pag salt. And let’s not forget, Pag lace as an important part of Pag, that has been inscribed in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The island’s famous Zrce Beach in Novalja features a number of excellent beach clubs. The Kalypso ClubPapaya Club, or Aquarius Zrce are top open-air clubs. Noa Beach Club or Cocomo Club are just as cool for a perfect party experience by the sea.

Pag also hosts numerous festivals. The Hideout Music Festival has very diverse line-ups that could please every taste (and it will be held in July). Sonus is a major electronic event in Croatia (the festival will be held in August). However, if rap music is more your cup of tea, then you should know that Fresh Island is billed as #1 Hip Hop Beach Festival in Europe (starting at the end of the May). Festivals that will take place in 2023 are Big Beach Spring Break (26 – 29 May 2023), Beach.Bites.Beats Festival (3 – 10 June 2023), Papaya Spring Break (8 – 10 June 2023)


In summer, the pace of life in Hvar seems to be slowing down to  accommodate all the partying that happens all night, every night. Breakfast starts no sooner than 11am and by 10pm, everyone is glammed-up again and back out on the streets, in bars overlooking the sea, by pools, or on terraces beneath the stars.

Hula Hula Beach Bar in Hvar is perfect for enjoying gorgeous sunsets, sick tunes and world-class cocktails. Rumour has it, however, that the most delicious cocktails served on the island are in the Nautica Bar. You´ll also want to stop by at Veneranda Club, located in an ancient Venetian fortress with a dance floor, swimming pool and open-air cinema. Not to mention Carpe Diem, which is a party mecca where top DJs regularly entertain guests from all around the world. 

It should come as no surprise that partying in Hvar is pricey. Unlike other Croatian islands, Hvar is an elite destination. Enjoy your cocktail of fun and sun, as did Prince Harry, back in his days. Furthermore, Beyoncé and Jay Z, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Eva Longoria, and Gwyneth Paltrow were just some of the celebrities spotted enjoying themselves in the sunniest island of Croatia. Read more about Hvar in this blog!


There’s  something for everyone on the island of Brac: parties, classical and pop music concerts, educational experiences, sports activities, or just a relaxing holiday by the sea. For this reason, the island has been attracting visitors of all kinds. Even the Hollywood actor Rami Malek spent his summer appreciating the riches of this beautiful island.

If you cruise near Brac and feel like you need to cut loose, this place will not disappoint you. Generally, the nightlife near Bol is more budget-friendly compared to Hvar. You will find many nightclubs and cocktail bars there, along with some great beach parties. We highly recommend Auro bar as a sunny beach party venue and 585 Club or Varadero Club for late-night clubbing. 

Before visiting Brac, we recommend you read this blog!


The island is lush and hilly, rich with vineyards, olive groves and peaceful villages.  Korcula town is nowhere near as crowded as Dubrovnik and noticeably more peaceful than Hvar town. As calm and idyllic as it might seem, Korcula never runs short of lively entertainment. In case you grew weary of the same type of club music, make sure to check out the Boogie Jungle, located approximately 3 km from the center of Korcula. There are regular themed events, such as the 80’s nights.

We also have a blog that highlights all the best things to do in Korcula!


With sandy shorelines, olive groves, vineyards, salted lakes, and dense forests, Mljet holds a reputation as Croatia’s greenest island. Local specialties here include goat’s cheese, eel, and red wine. Prince Charles has visited the island twice and was enchanted by its beauty. 

Whilst being beloved mostly among older visitors, sailors and families, Mljet isn’t really known for its nightlife. But you can certainly chance upon some places where you can have a late night drink to spice things up a bit. In the Komarac (Mosquito) bar  the music gets louder after the sun sinks. However, do not expect Mljet’s version of Pag’s Kalypso Club. 

Read our blog to learn more about Mljet island.

Party hot spots on the mainland


Tisno is technically on the island of Murter but is connected to the mainland by a drawbridge, so we’ll list it as part of the mainland. The town is famous for its numerous historical sites, but don’t be fooled by its sleepy appeal. This cute little town has lately gained a reputation as host to a series of high-profile music festivals, such as Dimensions Festival (31 of August – 4 of September 2023), Hospitality On The Beach (July 2023), Love International (July 2023), Suncébeat Festival (July 2023) or Outlook festival (27 of July – 1 August). These festivals are held at The Garden Resort site. 

However, if none of these dates suits you for a trip to Tisno, hit the reset button at the top open air nightclub on the spot, Barbarella´s Discotheque. 

The reason why we love Tisno so much is that it offers the best of both worlds. It is a place where you can party really hard while still having plenty of options if you want to escape the madding crowds of The Garden.


Between 24 churches, six monasteries, museums, an aquarium, and four fortresses there’s a lot of culture to experience in Sibenik. For natural beauty, head out  to one of the offshore islands, or Krka Waterfalls National Park. That’s why Sibenik is more of a family friendly destination with very convenient prices.

But in the summer, Sibenik is ready to welcome anyone who wants to experience the festival season. The Regius Festival represents alternative genres and takes place in July 2023. The festival provides a free camp site and safe accommodation in the beautiful pine tree forest. On the other hand Seasplash (July 2023), Croatia’s longest-running festival, offers a very unique mixture of genres such as reggae, jungle, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep and electro … to name just a few!

In fact, here’s a blog on what to see in Sibenik.


Croatia’s second-largest city is an alluring place. Facing the twinkling Adriatic, and with dramatic mountains behind, its setting is stunning. Split’s historic old town dates back to Roman times. Here you’ll find the majority of must-see sights in Split, including the astonishing Diocletian’s Palace. As far as the price lists are concerned, Split is a place where you can easily stay on a budget but if you feel a bit indulgent, the options are endless. 

Regarding nightlife, thousands of party people make their pilgrimage to Split every year to enjoy Ultra Music Festival, held mid-July. If you do not have your tickets don’t worry, the fun in Split does not stop there. Split is full of places for letting off steam at night throughout your whole stay. The Hemingway Bar is a place particularly beloved among teensHowever, the wildest parties are in Central the Club, Vanilla Club or Night Club & Beach Bar Zenta. If you are on the pub crawl in Split you should definitely pay a visit to the Coffee Club Bacvice and Disco Club 305

After a night out we highly recommend taking a stroll through the hillside pines of Marjan Forest Park, which hides several small churches. It is a wonderful place to flush the hangover out of the system.

Finally, this blog includes all the best things to do in Split!


Due to its geographical position, located under the spectacular mountain of Biokovo, Makarska is an example of fantastic contrasts of stone, sea and Mediterranean vegetation. This beautiful scenery has long seduced visitors and as a result, the city is full of life during the summer.

When the night falls, prepare to party in Club Deep, and  raise your glass in a cave. This place provides an entirely different setting for partying. Interesting fact is that this club used to be an old depot for weapons! If the Club Deep is not enough for you, then head for Peter Pan club which is only a 3-minute walk away. Your next stop might as well be Buba beach bar that is known for some of the craziest parties on the Adriatic. Apart from nightclubs, the options in Makarska vary from small bars, pubs to cocktail bars.


Dubrovnik is one of Europe’s most magnificent seaside spots. Many A-list celebrities make an appearance on their megayachts in the old city port to relax and enjoy all the charms of the city, ranging from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovič or Tom Cruise to pop singer Beyonce. Dubrovnik was a prominent Game of Thrones filming location, and the Croatian city keeps alluring fans of the series ever since. Unfortunately, as the number of tourists increases, so do the costs of visiting Dubrovnik. 

Although Dubrovnik offers a rich plethora of tourist attractions, there aren’t as many clubs as one would expect. But rest assured that as far as clubs in Dubrovnik are concerned, quality certainly beats quantity. Revelin Culture Club is titled regularly amongst the world’s best clubs. Don’t be surprised if the atmosphere of a unique medieval fortress paired with beats created by world-class DJ’s leaves you wanting more. Another highly reviewed club in Dubrovnik is the SkyBar, which offers not only plenty of loud, electronic music but also liquors and cocktails at affordable prices.

Are you ready to start partying?

Croatia is a place full of amazing party locations. Regardless of which one your choose, you are definitely going to have the time of your life!

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