Korcula town is also called Little Dubrovnik because of the similar architecture. While Korcula has amazingly attractive landscapes, it also offers a rich culture and is one of the most visited islands in Croatia. As with every island in Croatia, it’s best experienced from the deck of a chartered yacht. This allows you to truly enjoy and take your time at each destination. You can easily switch your sailing route and make smaller or bigger adjustments in case you, or any of your crew members, like a certain spot. We dare say, Korcula island and town just might be one such place.

We have already written a blog about Korcula’s biggest town, “Vela Luka destination guide”. But to learn more about the old town of Korcula, keep reading this blog.

Here are a number of things to do in Korcula town:

1. Wine Tasting

There are a number of wine tasting tours to premium wineries on Korcula. That’s a blog topic all on its own, but when in Korcula town, make sure to taste some of the excellent local and autochtone wine varieties. We recommend a local wine bar or shop. For instance, Kairos Wine Bar. Grk, Plavac Mali, Posip, Cara, the selection is impressive so don’t even attempt to do them all in one evening.

2. Kayaking

With the availability of so many beautiful beaches at hand, one cannot let go of the opportunity to experience kayaking. Experiencing Korcula town from a kayak is something. If you forgot to book a kayak with your charter yacht, schedule a locally guided kayak tour and paddle your way through the clear waters like never before!

3. Visit the Mystic Old Town of Korcula

The birthplace of Marco Polo is a historical and magical town. The Marco Polo Center just opened in July 2023, so it’s a great place to learn more about this explorer and traveler. The Old Korcula Town has preserved building structures built centuries ago. The fishbone-like street raster allows for a refreshing summer breeze to flow during the hot months and diminishes the powerful gusts of bora wind in the winter period. So just wander the streets and explore different shops, cafés, bars, restaurants, and museums, too!

4. Enjoying the view

Take the time to climb the bell-tower of the cathedral of St. Mark, and admire the red rooftops of the town and the view of the Peljesac channel. We dare you to try to count all the boats in the channel, as well as wind-surfers and kiters that take off from Viganj.

If you want a more challenging point of view we suggest going to St. Anthony’s church. To get there, take a leisurely 30-minute walk from Korcula Old Town towards Lumbarda. The church is situated at the end of a majestic avenue lined with cypress trees planted in 1708, a walkway that includes 102 steps to reach the top. This 14th century church, is dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua, and is at the center of a small, paved square. Behind the church, find some benches and enjoy the breathtaking view of Korcula archipelago and the surroundings.

5. The Traditional Sword Dancing

Korcula Island will also give you the chance to witness sword fighting right in front of your eyes. A tradition passing on from about four-hundred years ago, known as the Moreska Sword Dance, presents a thrilling story of love and war, depicted by two separate teams. This dance is performed twice a week in high season so make sure not to miss it if you’re in town!

6. Take in the Sunset

Another thing you won’t want to miss, are sunsets. Enjoy it from the beach, waterfront, a cozy café or restaurant terrace, or from the Maksimilijan Garden. But maybe the best way to enjoy it is from the deck of your charter boat overlooking Korcula town.

7. Dine and drinks

Korcula offers a variety of cocktails, champagne, and premium quality ale in a few bars like Massimo, Lole Wine, and Tapas Bar and Dos Locos, which are also known to party lovers. Taste the local cuisine in its famous restaurants like Hotel De La Ville, LD Restaurant and Adio Mare, etc.

Visit Korcula Town and Island with Nava. Send us an email and our charter team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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