Named after the Greek name for the first settlement Pharos, Hvar is a Croatian island with a number of enchanting beaches and fun stuff to see and do when sailing around Hvar.

The Island of Hvar offers a little for every taste. While it is known for its party life; it provides destinations for history fans as well.

Historic Sites

1. Witness the magnificence of Hvar Fort

Offering the bird’s eye view of the whole Hvar town and the archipelago in front of it. It’s breath-taking: the red-roofed and white, old townhouses, petite islands in clear water look as if floating in the air and the sparkling sea all look beautiful surrounded by greenery. A fortress built in the 16th century and has a great architectural value.

2. Enjoy a historical visit to Croatia’s oldest town

In 384 BC, the same year the great philosopher Aristotle was born, Greeks discovered the Island of Hvar and named it Pharos after their home Paros in the Aegean Sea. Stari Grad, which translates to Old Town, is known as the heart of Hvar. This is where the blue of the deep bay intertwines with the green of the wide vineyards and olive-groves of Pharos. Because of stone drywalls and trims, and small stone shelters that have remained untouched for 2400 years, the Stari Grad Plain is a UNESCO World heritage site. The town of Stari Grad has picture-perfect sites with cobbled stone walls, flowery vines, wooden doors, and passageways. Giving a Romeo-&-Juliette era vibe, this town is host to old-fashioned stores and offers a flawless picture background.


3. Witness the glorious St. Stephen Cathedral

The church is known for its mysterious and gothic construction and the 17th-century bell tower. The interior safe-guards some interesting works of art. 

4. Get yourself a lavender souvenir

If you’re a fan of lavender, take some form Hvar for keepsake as it organically produces lavender in enormous amounts. You’ll find lavender fragrances and mini sacks of lavender being sold in shops all over the island.


5. Enjoy a private meal or picnic at Dubovica

It is a peaceful beach on the south coast with fresh and clear blue sparkling water. The cove is slightly secluded, so it is best for a private picnic, the view is known to leave tourists awestruck.

6. Visit the Pakleni Islands

Hvar offers clear and turquoise waters and the Pakleni Islands are not to be missed. Find your favorite beach or bay on St. Klement, Marinovac. Anchor in Vinogradisce, Tarsce or Zdrilca bay and explore the stunning clear waters of the archipelago. It might sometimes feel like swimmers and boats are floating in the air.

You can read more about the beautiful Palmizana in our blog “The Ultimate travel guide to Palmizana“.

7. The delightful bays

Luka Tiha (which means the quiet bay) is a large and well-liked anchorage in Dalmatia. It consists of 7 bays; Stupisce Bay, Vuca Bay, Middle Lokva Bay, Veli Dolac Bay, Peklina Bay. Hobonj Bay and Uza Bay. In the summer months, you can visit the nearby restaurant that’s perfect for yachtsmen looking for a taste of the wonderful local cuisine.

Food and drinks

8. Enjoy local cuisine

Hvar serves its visitors with the best variety of cuisines with a local touch. Some restaurants serve high-quality seafood, local dishes, and fast food as well. Restaurants near the coast serve delicious and flavorful food with feet soaked in the water, and the view of the beach. The experience is amazing.

9. Explore your wildness at Carpe Diem

If you’re a party animal or have one hidden in you, this is the best party site in Hvar. Hvar is known for its wildness. Right before sunset, Carpe Diem changes from a lounge and beach bar into an open-air club with talented DJs moving bodies and souls. This party spot is just a boat ride away from Hvar town. Find out more on their official website.

10. Try cafés at the St. Stephen’s Square

The square, also known as Hvar’s social world, has cafés and restaurants that serve quality food. The square remains busy and crowded in the peak season. However, in the off-season, it is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a quiet stroll. Enjoy the view of the 16th-century fountain amidst the square.

11. Reward your taste buds with local wine

This sunny island has been covered in vineyards since the 4th century BC. Ancient Greeks recognized the potential of the fertile fields and planted the grapevine in the ancient town of Pharos. Among the most renowned names are Tomić winery in Jelsa and Zlatan Otok in Sveta Nedjelja.

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