How to Save 300 € on Your Charter? – Avoid Clogging the Toilet

The beautiful clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, the stunning view of Croatian Islands, funny moments with friends on board, amazing parties in Hvar… Croatia is the perfect destination for your next sailing vacations, but it is up to you to keep it among the best of memories – by not clogging (a) toilet(s) and saving 300 €.

To be honest, a clogged toilet is already a nightmare in normal situations, but having a clogged boat toilet in the middle of the sea is definitely no picnic. To avoid this headache and enjoy your sailing vacation in Croatia, we prepared a list of good practices that can help you save 300 € for each clogged toilet.

How does a toilet clog?

Knowing your enemy is the best way to defeat it. Toilet-wise, our main villain is toilet paper. Differently from the solid ground, the plumbing system in boats is not prepared to receive too much waste, including toilet paper, wet tissues, wipes, and especially hygienic products. And the misplacing of those wastes is the main reason why a toilet gets clogged on a boat.

After a toilet is clogged, there is little to be done in the seas. The recommendation is to stop using the toilet immediately and (if possible) return to Port. Do not attempt to unblock it yourself because the plumbing system is tricky. Our marina staff needs to disassemble the entire system, clean it thoroughly and then reassemble it.

We are aware, this has a great impact on your plans for a stress-free vacation. Returning and shortening your stay in the open sea is probably not in your itinerary, plus the unclogging process takes time and costs.

So, it’s best to be prepared and informed and learn how to avoid this situation, altogether.

How to avoid a blocked boat toilet?

Going to the bathroom at sea requires extra attention when it comes to where to dispose of the waste. Every bathroom on board a boat has a garbage bin with supplied garbage bags. So, throw all the waste inside. This includes toilet paper, wet tissues, face and baby wipes, hygienic products, food, etc. Dispose of the bag every day if necessary and replace it with a new one and, that’s it!

Our final tips for functioning boat toilets

  • Check if each boat toilet works properly at the check-in or before leaving the marina, and report any issues to the base manager.
  • Do not flush toilet paper on board, but dispose of it in the waste bag that we provide.
  • Tampons, facial tissues and other wastes must only be placed in the provided bin or bag.
  • Do not flush any food leftovers in the toilet.
  • Supervise and instruct your kids and teens when it comes to toilet usage. Don’t allow toddlers to use them on their own.
  • You are welcome to use the toilets in marinas and ports.

Following those golden rules for boat toilets will save you 300 € per toilet on your boat trip in Croatia. It will certainly help you have a stress-free and a wonderful experience on the Adriatic. Once you’ve successfully checked out (usually on Friday evening – learn more on the process of checking-out on our previous blog) you can take yourself and the crew for a celebratory dinner. And spend that 300 € by tasting yet another delicious meal and some fine Croatian wine.

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