Once you’ve read our blog on how to ease and speed up the check-in procedure, you’ll most certainly want to learn about our charter check-out process.

Friday Charter Check Out

First of all, starting the charter check out on Friday is the best way to avoid stress! Official check-out time is at 8:30 on Saturday, but we highly recommend doing it on Friday in the afternoon. We are aware you want to enjoy your cruise to the maximum. You probably want to take advantage of every moment on board.

However, in order to avoid a lot of stress, heading back to the marina on Friday afternoon is advisable. Especially, if you have an early flight in the morning or plan to leave early. You also need to refuel the boat. Don’t forget, in high season Split refueling station is very crowded, so it might take an hour or even more to do it.

In case there is some damage on board, you need to pay for it (cash or credit card) and we issue an invoice. If you have travel insurance, this invoice should be enough to get a refund from your insurance company.

While in our office, feel free to arrange any additional services you might need, such as an early morning transfer or similar.

After the successful check out procedure, just decide with your crew members what you want to do. You can party, dine out, explore the city or just relax onboard.

Saturday check-out

If a Saturday charter check-out is the only way to go for you, then make sure you are at the marina before 8:30. You need to be ready to leave the boat at precisely that time. Any delay of up to 3 hours is charged extra. The charge is daily accommodation price, and for delays of over 3 hours a 3-day accommodation price. New guests would most certainly like to board the boat that same day, and such delays make our job very difficult.

The procedure is quite simple and the same as on Friday… Once you leave the boat our colleagues board it and check it thoroughly. A professional diver checks the underwater parts. Sometimes, if many boats opted for a Saturday check-out or the diver is not able to come before a certain time, the check-out can prolong even until early afternoon hours. This is probably the biggest downside of a Saturday charter check-out! Everything regarding the deposit retrieval and any possible damage payment is the same as on Friday.

Here’s what you get if you opt for a Friday check-out:

  • enjoy your last breakfast onboard in the morning, slowly
  • browse other boats if you are thinking of upgrading or simply changing your vessel for the next cruise
  • explore Split – as the second-largest city in Croatia, Split has a lot to offer. It is full of history, art, plenty of restaurants and a wide selection of bars and cafés

The charter check-out

Feel free to report any issues, even during your charter week, so our colleagues at the base can prepare for them. If it doesn’t affect your safety or comfort significantly, and can wait until your return to base, we’ll be prepared to solve it as soon as you arrive.

Once you get to the marina, the base manager and his colleagues board the boat and examine it thoroughly. You may want to join them, but it’s not mandatory. Usually, guests prefer relaxing with their crew while our team does all the work.

A professional diver checks the underwater parts of the boat. Once our base manager confirms everything is in order, you just need to go to the office to have the pre-authorized deposit sum cancelled. We’d also appreciate it if you could take part in a survey. Any suggestions or comments help us learn how to improve our services in the future.

In the end, all we can do is wish you a safe trip back home or the rest of your vacation and hope you’ll be joining us again sometime soon.

E-mail us to request your offer and our charter team will reply as soon as possible.

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