When sailing in Croatia, you will discover many wonders of nature. Beaches, caves, islands, just to name a few. However, some of the most romantic and outstanding attractions are man-made: Lighthouses.

Croatia is home to a couple of the most beautiful lighthouses in Europe. Some of the most notable lighthouses are located in the southern parts of the country – Dalmatia. Most of them were built in the late 19th century during the Austro-Hungarian empire. You will find different shapes, colors, and locations. Towering on top of white cliffs or nestled in hidden bays. No two are the same. We have picked out the top 10 lighthouses that you can discover while sailing in Croatia.

Our bases in Rogoznica, Split, and Slano are ideal starting points for your charter adventure. One-way sailing will allow you to visit a majority of the most beautiful lighthouses.

Top 9 lighthouses:

1. St. Peter’s lighthouse

You will find the dreamy town of Makarska south of Split along the coastline (approximately at 30 NM) . St. Peter’s is a mainland lighthouse with amazing views of the mountains in the Biokovo nature park. The spot is well known for spectacular sunset watching and a great stop when you’re sailing towards or from Korčula. You can anchor in the Donja Luka cove or try your luck finding a berth in the port of Makarska.

From Split, the St. Peter’s lighthouse is easy to reach by motorboats, whether on a day trip or along the coast to our base in Slano.

2. Sucuraj lighthouse

Sailing on from Makarska, you will pass the island Hvar. On the eastern tip of Hvar, you can find the ancient Sucuraj lighthouse. Built in the 1874 it has a long history in Croatia. In the village of Sucuraj, you can refill your boat provisions or enjoy local delicacies in the seafront cafés.

We recommend stopping by Mlaska beach for a swim in the crystal clear bay and relaxing on the sandy cove.

There is a ferry route passing by the lighthouse, so sailors should use caution with traffic. Anchorage is possible towards the village.

If you are visiting Hvar, make sure to read our blog “11 best things to try on Hvar, Croatia”.

3. Grebeni lighthouse

This lighthouse is located in the South of Dalmatia, close to the stunning city of Dubrovnik. The small islet is mainly rocky, so the red roof of the Grebeni lighthouse stands out even more. This hidden escape is the perfect secret tip if you want to leave the busy Dubrovnik behind you.

If you are starting your charter from Slano, the Grebeni lighthouse is an excellent quick swim stop and a very attractive backdrop for your photos in the area. And make sure to read our blog, “Best ways to get to the ACI Marina Slano”.

4. Stoncica lighthouse

The island Vis is a must-do destination while sailing in Croatia. The Stoncica lighthouse is only accessible by foot or by boat, a true hidden gem for sailing in Croatia. Once you’ve had enough of the beautiful sight of the lighthouse just drop your anchor right in the bay or find a free buoy. The beautiful Stoncica beach is quite popular during the day because of shallow water, the inviting sandy beach, and the local konoba. It’s perfect for swimming and families with small kids. Stoncica is a great stop if you prefer to stay outside the port of Vis.

We have an in-depth Sailing and travel guide to the island of Vis for you. Read it to experience the best of the island.

5. Plocica lighthouse

This lighthouse is built on a small island between Korčula and Hvar. If you like to catch fish, you have to visit the Plocica lighthouse during your charter in Croatia. When you charter a one-way cruise from Split to Slano or Slano to Split, Plocica is right in between.

6. Glavat lighthouse

East of Lastovo, you will find the tiny Glavat island. The Glavat lighthouse is the only landmark, right in the center of the island.

Greek mythology says Poseidon sent an emissary to decide which island in Croatia, Korcula, Mljet, or Lastovo, is the most beautiful. The poor emissary was turned into stone for being indecisive. Today that stone is Glavat island. It is safe to say, the Glavat lighthouse is an extraordinary sailing destination.

Glavat is a great stop when sailing between Lastovo and Mljet and is located on the way north if you start in Slano. Be very careful when approaching the area since it’s full of submerged rocks and reefs.

7. Struga lighthouse

Lastovo island is further from the mainland than Hvar or Brac, but it is a very popular sailing destination in Croatia. The Struga lighthouse is situated on top of gigantic cliffs with great views of the area. Struga is considered one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Dalmatia and Croatia. Drop anchor or dock in one of the safest bays on the Adriatic – Skrivena Luka or Porto Rosso and enjoy some spectacular stargazing

8. Prisnjak lighthouse

If you’ve chosen a northern sailing route starting from Split we recommend setting sails towards Murter island. The small island of Prisnjak north-west of Murter has a beautiful lighthouse, made of white stone, and was built in 1886. There’s also a scenic beach for swimming close by. Anchorage is available right by the lighthouse on the northeast side of the island. Prišnjak is the perfect quiet place and rewards sailors with crystal blue waters.

8. Veli Rat lighthouse

The Veli Rat lighthouse is located on Dugi Otok island, 90 NM north of Split. It is in direct competition with Struga for the title of the most beautiful lighthouse on the Adriatic. Once you see it surrounded by a lush pine forest on one side and a white pebble beach on the other, you will understand why. Small bays on both sides of the lighthouse make anchoring possible.

In the Marina Veli Rat, you can find stores to resupply. The famous beach Sakarun with turquoise water is a great swimming opportunity close by.

Are you ready to discover these lighthouses?

Of course, there are many more lighthouses in Croatia. These are just our top picks. Which one is your favorite one? Which one is on your must-see list for next year?

Contact our team at Nautika Centar Nava now to learn more about all charter options visit the most beautiful lighthouses in Dalmatia soon.

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