Interested in chartering a yacht this summer? Do you want to know what does it cost to charter a yacht in Croatia? You’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn all about yacht charter costs for a week in Croatia!

Yacht Charter Prices: Why Choose a Private Charter?

Inspired by Below Deck? A private yacht, whether skippered, crewed, or bare boat will give you the freedom to travel and see the beautiful Croatian archipelago from the most stunning perspective – the one from the deck! A skippered or crewed yacht charter allows you to relax and enjoy the cruise, whereas you can opt for a bare boat charter to experience the more adventurous side of sailing. For this type of charter, you need to be in possession of a required license. Check here if your license is acceptable. At Nautika Centar Nava, we charter yachts in a wide range of budget and preferences. The good news is that you can even charter a bare boat and then hire a skipper or a skipper and hostess and still enjoy a great vacation. Read more on that and costs that is includes later on.

The Most Affordable Time to Rent a Private Yacht

Undoubtedly, the most popular season for private yacht charters is during the summer months, between July and August. Temperatures start rising in April, and stay quite pleasant all through October. With this in mind, it might very well be worthwhile to choose your charter dates before the peak season, or after it. Certainly, this means a quieter, more affordable, yet amazing cruise. It is important to keep in mind that there are several factors that affect the costs of a private charter.


Plan your activities beforehand to get the best deals on private cruise prices! If you have flexible dates, we can suggest the best time to charter a (skippered or bare boat) private yacht that best fits your budget.

What do Yacht Charter Costs Look Like?

Charter Rental

The yacht charter cost accounts for the majority of the total budget. The type, model, size of the yacht, as well as the manufacturing year, and the selected period dictate the price. Additional expenses also include mandatory cleaning fees (when renting a catamaran, this is included in the comfort package) that differ according to the size and category of the chosen yacht. Other costs to think about when chartering a yacht are the obligatory visitor/tourist fees (tax) to be paid during the marina check-in procedure, and the refundable deposit. Regarding the visitor’s tax, adults pay a total of 10 HRK per day and teens pay 5 HRK per day, while children are free of charge.

To summarize, charter rental costs include at least:

  • Yacht charter price
  • Cleaning fee/comfort package
  • Visitor’s tax
  • Security deposit (fully refundable in case the yacht is returned in excellent condition)

Full price list:

To view the full charter price list of Nava’s boats, check out our official price list. And, if you are looking for some great deals and how to reduce costs of yacht charter, go to our  Special offers page. Certainly, you’ll be able to find something that fits your budget.


The next cost to think about is fuel. Given the recent fuel prices development, it’s quite hard to give estimates. Certainly, the expense depends on the amount of fuel consumed by the chosen vessel. Again, this is something to consider when selecting the best private yacht charter that fits your budget. Evidently, different boat types have different fueling costs. Those also depend on the length of sailing/boating per day. Albeit, sailboats use 4-10 L per hour, while catamarans require from 8 to 18 L per hour. Consider allotting from 150 to 440 € per week for fuel alone. However, raising sails occasionally can further reduce your expenses. On the other hand, motorboats consume a lot more. Depending on the engines and speed, expect fuel consumption between 80 and 150 L per hour. On the positive side, you get everywhere much faster.


Keeping the generator and the air conditioning on all day (and/or night) when at anchor and without external power plug, means additional fuel costs for the generator.


A good vacation practically runs on good food (and wine). This is the case after a long day at sea. Everyone is typically hungrier while watching the sky light up with an orange tinge, as the sun sets on the Adriatic – convincing, right? For that extra special holiday, you can dine out, or cook your own meals directly aboard. Usually, it’s a combination of the two. The galleys aboard our boats are fully equipped. So, you can plan to cook almost anything.  Generally, you can plan the provisioning budget, around 100-200 euros per person for the entire week. This should be enough to satisfy your taste buds.

By all means, we recommend using caution when it comes to drinking. The skipper should only consume alcohol, once the boat is safely anchored for the night.


It would be a pity not to try some of Croatia’s outstanding wine varieties. Nava now operates from 4 main basesSlanoRogoznicaSplit and Pula. There are plenty of wine sorts to try in these areas. For instance, Babic in the Rogoznica area, Plavac Mali, Dobricic, and Vugava in the Split region. Pula and Istria are most famous for the white wine Malvazija. And, Dingac, Posip or Cara are waiting for you in the Dubrovnik area. When dining out, possibilities are endless. Find some inspiration and recommendations in our sailing routes. Prices in restaurants tend to vary quite a bit. Anything between 20 and 50 euros per person when dining out is somewhat average. Exquisite restaurants tend to have even higher prices.

Mooring Fees

When planning a budget for your charter, the final costs to consider are the mooring costs. Those depend on the location, the length of stay, the time of year, and the size of the boat. For one day in June through September, mooring a medium boat (about 12 m) would cost between 60 and 120 euro in harbors and at anchorages. Many commercial marinas are usually slightly more expensive than that (but they are also better equipped). Some charge electricity and water extra or according to consumption. Due to two hulls, catamaran berth fees are charged double or even more. Total mooring costs are lower throughout the remainder of the year, with an average cost of only around 65 euros per day. When docking in little coves, the mooring fees are less expensive (or even free of charge). Usually, the free berth or buoys requires you to dine at the local restaurant or tavern that tends to these buoys or mooring lines.


Here we’ve summed up 3 examples of weekly charter costs for a sailboat (38 feet), catamaran (40 feet) and motorboat (36 feet). These are estimated costs in high season. The boat price, mooring fees, and sometimes even dining out and provisioning vary according to season. Whereas, other costs depend on your preferences. E.g., the use of a generator, sailing route you choose (number of sailing hours per day) or opting for more popular marinas.

Sailboat (6 people on board)Catamaran (8 people on board)Motorboat (5 people on board)
Yacht charter price€1,485.00€2,430.00€3,420.00
Yacht charter related costs (final cleaning, visitor’s tax)€204.60€372.80€195.50
Mooring (4 marinas or harbors)€360.00€660.00€320.00
Dining out (4 dinners)€960.00€1,440.00€900.00
Total per person€634.93€776.60€1,300.74

Extras – the fun part costs of yacht charter


Hiring a skipper or a skipper and a hostess or chef is an excellent way to upgrade your charter experience in Croatia. In case you don’t have an appropriate boating license, it is an absolute necessity to have a licensed, skillful and preferably local skipper on board. Since we’ve been in the charter business in Croatia for more than 30 years, we have a significant database of the best professionals. We’ll be more than happy to recommend a suitable skipper for your cruise. The skipper’s fee is determined by the size of boat and goes from 150 € to 200 € per day. Other crew members’ fees depend on the size of the boat or charter party, e.g. number of persons on board, and meals to be prepared every day. A hostess prepares 2 meals per day (breakfast and either lunch or dinner), gets groceries, does some light cleaning of the cabins and bathrooms and the galley and common spaces. The fee is from 130 to 150 € per day. A chef prepares as many meals as necessary and is responsible for provisioning and keeping the galley and dining area clean. He/she charges from 160 to 200 € per day.


You need to provide food for the crew. Include that in your budget. If you have a hostess or a chef, they will adjust the meal plan for that purpose. In case you have only hired a skipper, and you are going on shore for dinner, you are not obliged to take him/her with you, but you need to leave him/her some money for a decent meal. Or have enough food on board. Keep in mind that a well-nourished crew means a happy crew. Consequently, this means an awesome vacation!

Water toys

Yacht charter isn’t and shouldn’t be all about sailing, and crossing this or that site off your bucket (check)list. It should be about spending quality time with your loved ones and having fun. Is there a better way of having fun in the Adriatic than water toys? Stand-up paddle board, snorkeling, seabob, fishing, more sailing (aboard small inflatable sailing boats – Tiwal), kayaking… the list goes on. Learn all the ways water toys upgrade your yacht charter experience in Croatia on our previous blog. As well as, our prices for the rental of these upgrades.

Without a doubt, renting a motorboat, catamaran, or sailboat is easy! At Nautika Centar Nava, our charter team is here to help you find the best yacht charter that fits your budget. In case you require more information about yacht charter prices, and how to keep your yacht charter costs under control, get in touch with the charter team We are looking forward to hosting you on your next sailing charter vacation in Croatia!

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