You’ve booked your boat and are looking forward to your well-deserved vacation. Boating most definitely has many advantages and thrills. 

But once you anchor for a swim, some lunch or for the night, water toys are maybe the only way to keep the thrills going. Especially if you have kids or teens on board. Keeping them entertained can sometimes be challenging! And you might even find yourself having more fun than you expected. Not to mention, water toys are also a great way to stay in shape while having so much fun.

Island hopping in a country like Croatia with 1244 islands, islets and rocks is definitely a great way to discover different bays, coves, and beaches, and what better way to do it than with water toys. Make sure you apply enough sunscreen on and explore away.

Here is a list of our top water toys that will upgrade your holiday.


Absolute novelty and hit in the water toys department! It is a small inflatable sailboat and anyone with some basic sailing knowledge can enjoy exploring coves and capes even in the lightest of breezes. The sailing dinghies are designed in France using the latest technology and innovation that make it durable, simple to maneuver and easy to assemble. The North Sails and carbon mast are built to withstand substantial wind speeds and scenarios. Being boom-less means fewer blows to the head and other body parts.

Rent a Tiwal 2 for 350 € per week and set sails instantly (skipping even the only-20-minute hassle of assembling and disassembling). You will take it with you onboard already prepped and ready to set sail. The Tiwal 2 holds up to 150 kg, one adult and one kid or one less heavy adult and two smaller kids. If the kids have the sailing experience they can even sail on their own because it is so simple and easy – just keep an eye out on them while they are alone.

SUP board

Stand up paddle boarding has been around for much longer than TIWAL. It’s one of the most popular water toys out there. This is an easy and fun outdoor water sports activity. It is considered to be one of the fastest-growing board sports in the world. You need good steady feet and balance, and a great workout and serious tanning are guaranteed! Kids can just sit or kneel in the front of the board or you can let them try it. You just need to adjust the height of the paddle. Do not worry about falling into the water since it is so inviting and refreshing.

Only top-quality SUP boards are available for rent and here’s our price list

SUP – 150 € / week

2 SUP – 120 € / week / SUP

3 SUP – 100 € / week / SUP


Find your inner hunter and put some fish on the table! Croatian waters are full of delicious and nutritious fish species such as sea bass (orada), sea bream (brancin), common pandora (arbun), mackerel (skusa), chub mackerel (lokarda), monkfish (grdobina), dentex (zubatac) or John Dory (kovac).

Fishing equipment 150 €/week, includes a set of high-quality rods, leads, hooks and baits.

Apart from that you require a recreational license for fishing in Croatia (7 days license)- just obtain it at the website of the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture (Fisheries)


Want to sail and have fun? Want to get a good workout and a great tanning session? Consider including a kayak on your water toys list.

Use the power of your muscles to explore the immediate surroundings once you anchor for the day or night. We offer two- or three-seaters so you can have all the fun while spending some quality time with your loved ones.

KAYAK from 200 € per week


The seabob is specially made for swimming and diving. Enjoy safe diving and fish-like exploring of the surface and the underwater. Steer it just by shifting your bodyweight and admire the hydrodynamics of the machine. The electric engine lets you glide freely in the sea.

It sucks and releases water at high pressures and the energy consumption is really low, with high thrust power. Keep track of the battery level, power used, water temperature and the depth in the sea bob cockpit.

A more modern technology installed in the Seabob lets it control the speed and traction of it.

1000 € per week

1200 € per week for the new model with 6 gears

+ delivery fee for our base in Slano


Water skiing is a water sport, where you are pulled by a boat through a rope. Usually dinghies do the pulling, but we recommend for the outboard engine to be at least 40 hp.

Tips for beginners:

  • make sure to wear the proper sized life jacket
  • bend the knees and ankles
  • keep your arms almost straight
  • keep your gaze forward and don’t look down
  • adjust the bend in the knees and the body position in order to move around
  • thumb up tells the driver to add more speed, thumb down to reduce it
  • when falling let go of the rope to avoid being pulled
  • tap the top of your head if you want to quit

Water Ski – 200€ / week

Included in the price of larger more luxurious catamarans.


Swimming is probably one of the most common and pleasant things to do while sailing in Croatia. The beauties, life, and scenery underneath the surface are just as fascinating as the paysages, vistas, charming taverns, and towns above it. So, dive in and explore it, we have snorkel sets consisting of a mask, snorkel, and a pair of fins ready for rent. You are not likely to find Nemo in these areas, but some fascinating sea life is guaranteed – sponges, octopuses, crabs, anemones, seashells, starfish, sea urchins, all kinds of fish (sea bass, striped bream, mullet, rainbow wrasse, comber, white sea bream, bogue). 

Snorkel set 15 € / set / week.

So there you have the list of all the water toys!

Slect the water toys you like best and book them in advance to ensure availability and maximum fun for you and your family/friends while sailing the beautiful Croatian coastline. Contact our charter team to learn more about your options.

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