So, you finally booked your ideal boat and are ready for some serious planning. Firstly, you might want to see how you are actually going to take over the boat. At Nava Charter we like to keep things simple, so the check-in procedure consists of two parts: the paperwork in the office and the actual check-in on board.

As always, preparation is key.

What can I do before my arrival to speed things up?

​Send in your estimated time of arrival and request any additional services at least a week ahead. We need to plan additional service, such as transfer or private parking space, water toys, provisions, beach towels, life vests for babies, etc. in advance and order them from our partners. We recommend also planning your route and asking for any additional tips. If you have hired a skipper, just prepare some general preferences. What we absolutely need, in advance, are all crew list details:

  • Name and Surname
  • Birth date, and Place of birth
  • Passport number
  • Nationality and place of residence
  • A valid boat operator license and VHF license number in case you haven’t hired a skipper with us (check the list of the valid licenses)

Once you reach our marina…

While you wait for your boat to be ready for charter check-in and boarding, we suggest you go shopping for provisions. For instance, in our marina in Split, there are several good stores nearby. The biggest is KONZUM, just a 5 minutes’ walk in the direction of the city center. It is opposite the fueling station for boats. There are smaller Tommy and Ribola shops plus a bakery, all within close range. In case you arrive during the morning, we also recommend taking a walk to the local Fish market (10 minutes’ walk on foot) or even the Green market (20 minutes’ walk). There you will really get the good local produce. Do not forget, you have limited storing and refrigerating options on board. Plus, local stores on the islands are well stocked, so you only need to buy for 2-3 days in advance.

Before you are ready to start the actual charter check-in on the boat we need to:

  • check the crew list with you and confirm it
  • explain and pre-authorize the insurance deposit (the maximum amount you and your crew can be charged)
  • charge the visitor’s tax and any other additional services that you may have ordered
  • give you a short introduction to our marina and boat papers (the papers remain in the office until the actual check-in)
  • plus give you the weather forecast and some tips for your cruise

As for the deposit, we always warn our guests of the most common damages. Guests, especially those less experienced sailors, often forget that the toilets and the plumbing systems are not quite the same on a boat as the ones in homes. They get easily blocked. So the safest way to save 300 € damage cost for a blocked toilet is to avoid throwing toilet paper, food remains or wet tissues or anything else, into the toilet. You will find a waste bin with plastic bags in every toilet, so use it wisely! Read our full blog post on how to save 300 € on your cruise in Croatia.

Other common damages usually include forgetting cushions at the beach, damaging the propeller by catching a plastic bag at sea, or even mooring lines in marinas. Therefore, be careful and mindful while cruising in Croatia.

Colleagues at the office in Split speak English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and some Russian and will do everything to make your stay on board as comfortable as possible. The colleagues in Slano and Rogoznica speak only English. Our colleagues in Pula speak English, Italian and German.

Now, you probably want to learn more on our check-out procedure, as well. So read away

Do you have any concerns regarding your charter with Nava? E-mail us and our charter team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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