Do you want to give your kids a real adventure? Spend an unforgettable time with them, full of fantastic and extraordinary emotions! Go on a family cruise to the most beautiful destinations in Croatia.

Sailing is always an adventure, even for adults. Give yourself and your children a memorable adventure at sea, imagine yourself as Columbus or Magellan discovering uncharted lands. Sailing on a yacht is a real dream come true for kids. Who does not dream of sea adventures in childhood? Sailing with kids is always a great idea and here’s why.

In this blog, we give you top five reasons to sail with your children:

1.  Joy and adventures

Sailing is a great way to distract your kids from gadgets and the internet. Search for pirate treasures, board ships, learn how to operate a yacht and participate in sailing races. Family vacations bring you closer together, you will know better what your children love and what they are fond of. Give your kids an unforgettable yacht adventure. Outdoor activities, swimming, diving, jumping into the water will bring a lot of pleasant memories not only to your children, but also to you.

The Croatian coast is made for sailing with children! An ideal, light summer breeze carries your boat across the Adriatic. Thousands of small islands along the way, most of them uninhabited, provide a convenient place to drop anchor for a while and take a break from sailing. Unforgettable bays and azure sea await you. Plan your holiday with us at Nautika Centar Nava.

2. Educational benefits

Children develop and learn faster when they are on a sea voyage. They learn the basics of sailing, learn more about sails, wind, weather and nature, and all boat parts. Perhaps in the future they might want to become captains or skippers, themselves, someday… Sailing also helps in mastering school subjects such as geography and biology. It is always more interesting to study in practice and not with textbooks at school. That’s why sailing with kids is a great opportunity to teach them about the underwater world, fishes and other sea creatures, tell them about different winds and weather conditions for sailing, show them the surroundings, different bays, villages and towns on your way. This is hardly taught in school. Your children will develop more comprehensively.

3. Kids become responsible and independent

Children love to be reckoned with and treated like adults, so do not neglect to give them simple, feasible tasks in accordance with their age. For example, let them wash the deck, help you with coiling, prepare mooring lines, help with sails, and so on. They will feel your trust and try to do their best. Furthermore, they will become more responsible and independent. Plus, it’s always fun to be involved in work on the same level as adults.

4. Kids become disciplined

Sailing is a serious kind of sport which requires attention and good discipline. There are different rules and routines on board, and everyone is obliged to abide by them, including children. Your children will learn to be disciplined and become more organized. The most important rule on board is to follow the captain’s instructions. The children should be reminded that the captain is in charge on board. First of all, you need to ask permission from the captain. Only after a thorough explanation of the rules of behavior on the yacht, for instance, that it is not allowed to obstruct the skipper’s view, run around the yacht, interfere during mooring, you can you start sailing with kids. The conscious behavior of your children depends entirely on you and on how well you teach them about the possible dangers and consequences of disobeying the rules on board.

5. Sailing is healthy for kids

Of course, any parent wants his child to grow up strong and healthy. One of the effective means of improving the health of children, increasing their immunity, and improving the condition of the skin is exposure to the sun and sea water. Sea water is filled with healthy minerals and salts, which restore the nervous system and have a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole. The healing sea air generously flavored with pine scent strengthens the immune system of your children. Say goodbye to seasonal colds and allergies! Also, bathing in the sea contributes to the intellectual development of the child, due to the fact that sea water has a high content of iodine, which is extremely important for the child’s developing body. Do not hesitate to take your children with you, perhaps they will become the next Bill Gates or Einstein 🙂

Do you want to sail with kids?

Feel free to contact our team at Nautika Centar Nava. They will make sure that you and your child have a great time on the yacht. Our boats provide all the basics and essential safety equipment needed when sailing, including life vests especially for kids. In case you need life vests for toddlers and babies let us know, and we will prepare them before your arrival. In order to best prepare kids for sailing, tell them there are two essential rules on board: wear life vests and obey the captain. 

Sailing with kids does not necessarily need to be stressful. Before sailing, prepare some water toys for entertainment like sup boards, Tiwals, snorkel sets and many more. Read our previous  blog on how water toys upgrade your vacation.  and make your sailing even more fantastic. Safe sailing is always a priority, so keep in mind kids are at higher risk of getting sunburnt. Having suncream and a hat is a must for kids and adults. Read more about safe sailing tips in our blog. 

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