Meet the New Flyer 6 and 7 from BENETEAU
The new all-purpose day boats that will get you started in the cruising world in no time. 
The Flyer 6 and Flyer 7 are extremely safe to drive, fuel-efficient, convenient and ready for any sort of boating experience you want. The Flyer 7 now comes with advanced Airstep2 hull technology that provides more stability even on high speeds. 
Their design was enhanced to bring simplicity and performance to the next level. The new Flyers 6 and 7 come with a slightly reduced beam and an enlarged space. These two models even have space for additional benches. 
Both models come in two different versions, the SUNdeck and SPACEdeck. The main feature of the Flyer 6 and 7 SUNdeck is the sun pad on the front deck along with a sheltered cabin. This makes it ideal for sunbathing and relaxing on the water. The Flyer 6 and 7 SPACEdeck version comes with a central console that provides additional space on the deck for an extra salon.
The new BENETEAU Flyers 6 and 7 are little speed boats that are known for their performance, beautiful design and convenience. Having some quality time in the water with your friends and family has never been easier. 
For more information about the Flyer 6 and Flyer 7 boats, feel free to contact Nautika Centar Nava’s sales team, the biggest and most important BENETEAU centre on the Adriatic.

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