Building superyachts – have you ever wondered how they are built? If yes, keep on reading! We’re taking you behind the scenes of the innovative Monte Carlo Yachts manufacturing process.

Iconic, contemporary, and classic

These words describe the  Monte Carlo Yachts best. Hence, it is one of the most influential yacht manufacturers nowadays with an extraordinary approach in the manufacturing process. Moreover, this premium brand is part of the French yacht manufacturing group Beneteau. So, carry on, and let’s uncover their secrets on what makes the MCY so special!

Monte Carlo Yachts Boat Family

Monte Carlo Yachts come from Italy. Not only do we admire the exquisite design and decor, but also premium onboard systems with highly advanced technical improvements. The aerospace industry inspired the manufacturing process. The MCY collection consists of seven luxury cruisers with lengths of between 65 feet to 105 feet. Every model is unique since these superyachts are customizable according to your needs and wish to meet your expectations or even take them to the next level. These superyachts are designed in collaboration with the world’s top designers from Nuvolari Lenard Studio.

“Luxury means value more than anything else: time, space, order, silence, well-being, and harmony” – MCY – Manifesto 2008

Building superyachts is a unique process

MCY has decided to reveal its unique building process after a decade of secrecy. What makes MCY stand out among other superyacht manufacturers is the exclusive process based on minimized production time and maximized quality improvement. So, about 400 individuals join their forces to deliver functioning, high-quality, and elegant superyachts ready for usage. Each piece from the collection is hand-made.

To give an example and to be more precise, the process of building superyachts consists of three essential modules:

  • the hull
  • the deck
  • the interior

Moreover, manufacturers work on all of these three modules of the yacht at the same time, so they all finish at once. 

The Hull

Instead of using a traditional hull structure, Monte Carlo Yachts decided to substitute it with an innovative internal skeleton. Furthermore, the structural skeleton of each boat is made out of aluminum, and engine supporters are produced from stainless steel. During the process, MCY extensively uses carbon and Kevlar fibers. So, the elements in the boat are well-built, strong, and light. Thanks to that, the yachts have improved performance as well as better fuel efficiency

Additionally, due to careful manufacturing, these superyachts are meeting the highest safety standards. Later, after finishing the engine room, water, and electricity systems, it is time to welcome the interior module.

The Interior

Since MCY produces all the modules simultaneously, the interior module is built outside the hull thanks to a modular form of the grid system. Besides, some of the world’s most renowned designers create the interior and select all the materials for the living spaces. To reduce the noise and vibrations from the sea, the MCY applies a soft mounting solution.  

In addition, the layout of the cabins is almost fully customizable, and it’s possible to personalize them. The materials used for onboard furniture are made of wood and only the finest Italian suppliers provide the MCY materials such as natural stone or decorative metals.

The Deck

The last piece of the puzzle is the deck. The carbon fiber top, flybridge framework, and superstructure form the final module. Thanks to double-glazed windows, MCY reduces noise and insulation by more than 70%. 

The Final Touch

The final assembly is a very fast and smooth process that ensures every module of the boat fits perfectly together to the last millimeter. The modular skeleton makes sure that everything has the correct size and thus fits together, from the interior into the hull and following with the deck. A couple of hours later, a system called Plug and Play merges all the electrics and plumbings, so the boat is ready to run. 

A thorough systems check is due in order to ensure everything works properly before, it’s time for the finishing touch at the paint shop.  Every owner can choose the color of his/her choice for the hull of the yacht. 

The result of this building process is a line of smooth-running luxury superyachts with flawless tailor-made design and a unique feel. 

Monte Carlo Yachts prices

Another interesting fact about Monte Carlo Yachts is that this company is very secretive about the superyacht prices and doesn’t reveal it to everyone, only to customers with serious interest. MCY Croatia, that is Nautika Centar Nava, is less so cryptic about the prices. Feel free to browse each model and you’ll find the basic model price!

Any questions? Contact us!

At Nava, we specialize in the purchase and sales of Monte Carlo Yachts. If you are interested in experiencing this exceptional premium line first hand, don’t hesitate and check out MCY for sales on our website! Or, just fill out the contact form, and our sales department will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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