You will be able to view 3 Beneteau boats at Biograd Boat Show.

Biograd boat show opens its gates on Thursday 18th of October. Nautika centar Nava will be joining over 320 exhibitors and 300 boats at the 20th boat show until the 21st of October 2018. You will be able to view 3 Beneteau boats just next to the northern entrance to the boat show.

Antares 8 OB

Even though it is not a big boat, Antares offers lots of space and good quality of life at sea. The cabin has a comfortable bed and an en-suite shower. The main attributes of the Antares 8 are agility and power which makes it perfect for short cruises.

Antares 9 OB

Antares 9 is the perfect boat for weekend voyages. Well-equipped galley and two separate cabins and bathroom with a perfectly fitted shower you can be sure that you will have everything needed for a perfect vacation. The boat can accommodate 4 people and the wheelhouse with its opening roof is a perfect place for sunbathing or relaxing.

Flyer 8 Spacedeck – Croatian Premiere

Sunbathing, water sports and fishing are all perfectly good excuses to go out with your Flyer 8 Spacedeck.  All fixtures and fittings are of high quality and there are two colours for woodwork and upholstery to choose from. An Air Step 2-equipped hull guarantees good performance as well as a pure pleasure of driving.

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