Croatia has some of the best snorkeling conditions in the world! Rich marine life and crystal clear water. Are you an underwater life fan? Then this article is for you! Because in this blog, we have gathered the best snorkeling spots around Pula. 

Where is Pula? 

Pula is a Croatian city on the Istrian Peninsula. This coastal city has it all – amazing beaches, stunning nature, and famous ancient sights. But how does one get there? The closest international airport is the Pula Aiport (PUY) only 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) away from the city. Read our previous blog if you’d like to find out all the best ways to get to Pula. 

Snorkeling in Croatia

The best time to go snorkeling is mid-afternoon due to water clarity. However, the Adriatic sea offers incredible underwater visibility. When the conditions are just right in some places, the sea bottom visibility goes down as far as 30 meters (100 feet). 

What to expect to see underwater?

You are lucky! Over 1 200 islands, islets, and reefs, plenty of animal species as well as crystal clear sea makes Croatia a paradise for snorkeling. 

For instance, look out for:

  • various fish species (including – moray eels, gilthead, striped seabream, scorpionfish, sea bass)
  • octopi
  • squids
  • cuttlefish
  • starfish
  • seashells
  • corals
  • crabs
  • jellyfish
  • sea cucumbers

Besides that, in some places, you can even explore submerged objects such as shipwrecks, submarines, or planes. However, most of them are accessible only for scuba divers. Head on over to our previous blog on the 6 best diving spots in Croatia if you’d like to know more.

So, without further ado, here are some of 

The best snorkeling spots around Pula

Cape Kamenjak

Only a few kilometers away from Pula is the southernmost point of the Istrian Peninsula – Cape Kamenjak. This is a true outdoor paradise for anyone who adores the clear sea in combination with cliffs. This exceptional natural beauty offers many places for swimming, snorkeling, or cliff jumping. No wonder this natural area is under protection.

To clarify, Cape Kamenjak offers over 25 kilometers of coastline, including some of the best beaches in the Adriatic. However, if and when you get tired of exploring the underwater life in the bays, underwater caves, and passageways, simply switch to observing the marine life of nearby 11 uninhabited islands. Undoubtedly, one of the best snorkeling spots around Pula.

Veliki Portic Beach Kamenjak

Veliki Portic Beach Kamenjak is the biggest cove of Cape Kamenjak. Among boaters, this cove is known as the best place for safe anchoring. This area is perfect for families with children due to the soft sea entrance.


One of the best snorkeling spots in the area is Losinj. The island is 38 nm southeast of Pula. It is known as an island of vitality due to water clarity and plenty of sunshine.

Another great thing about this island is that there is a high chance for you to see sea turtles or dolphins while snorkeling. It’s because Losinj has a marine center devoted to preserving these animal species.

Apoxymenos and the underwater historical park

Mali Losinj is also home to a fascinating museum with only one exhibit – the Croatian Apoxymenos. The extraordinary bronze statue was found accidentally during a tourist dive in 1996. Careful restoration and a world tour of the statue followed. Today, the Apoxymenos has a worthy home in Mali Losinj and an underwater park in the nearby cove Cikat is home to an underwater historical park with 13 replicas. One of them is Apoxymenos, but there are also cannons, amphorae, anchors, machine guns. It’s open from 1 May until 30 October. Licensed divers can visit the park, and less experienced need to be accompanied by a diving instructor from the Diver Losinj diving center.  Children under 12 are not allowed to dive in the park. Contact the Diver club directly to check all the conditions: +385 91 233 9001 or

Brijuni islands

Another perfect spot for snorkeling is a group of 14 islands called Brijuni. These islands are full of untouched nature and breathtaking bays swarming with sea life. Brijuni islands are also one of eight National Parks, and it has been under protection since the 1980’s.

Among other spots, there’s a guided tour through the underwater trail with Roman ruins from the 1st century BC. The length of the trail is 500 meters. While exploring the ruins in Verige Bay, admire the sea creatures, as well.

For a better experience, rent a yacht!

If you value comfort when on holiday, then a yacht charter is the right choice for you! Not only, is it much easier to reach the best snorkeling spots around Pula with a yacht, but also it gives you the freedom to explore Croatian waters. Every time you drop anchor for the night or just a swim, it’s an opportunity to put on your mask, snorkel, and fins and admire the underwater. We, at Nava, provide a yacht charter from a brand-new charter base in Marina Polesana in Pula. Take a look at the selection of boats available from Pula.

Additionally, Nava also rents out snorkeling gear and water toys such as paddleboards that make your time in and around the water much more entertaining! If you have any questions or you simply wish to enjoy a stress-free holiday onboard, do not forget to reach out through the contact form below. Our charter team will get back to you as soon as possible!

These were our tips on the best snorkeling spots around Pula. If you are interested to know more about Pula and would like to explore the best things to do in Pula besides snorkeling, read our previous blog!

However, an important reminder – do not forget to respect nature! Do not disturb the underwater creatures, and just admire them from afar. Keep your presence as minimally invasive as possible. Also, nature is powerful and before going to an unknown spot, it would be good to ask a local, whether snorkeling is safe there. Keep in mind especially the sea currents, rocks, and the water depth.

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