In an ideal world, we give 110% at all times. But in reality, stress, pressure, and personal issues often get the best of us.

Have you seen your team slacking a bit lately? Their enthusiasm just isn’t up to speed and overall, productivity has also seen better days.

We might just have the answer for you. Team building activities! But we’re not talking about the standard ones. Instead, we recommend you take your team out on the Adriatic Sea. It has become immensely popular to go sailing as a team-building activity, and here are the reasons why!

1. Why does it matter anyway?

Running a company is never easy and there are a million things to consider. So why is employee productivity so important? Of course, depending on your organization, your team is the face of your brand, or maybe they produce your products in the first place.

Either way, salaries make up a major part of your running costs. Small changes in productivity can have a great impact on financial turnover. So it is not just an investment in them but also in your company.

2. Strong(er) relationships

How well do your team members know each other? Between meetings and annual Christmas parties, there are often not enough opportunities to properly connect.

Especially if new colleagues joined your company or maybe some departments don’t run into each other at all.

By spending time together outside the working environment, sailing the Adriatic Sea, your team gets a chance to connect, strengthen relationships, and even build friendships.

And how can this improve productivity? Simply put, it is easier to get along, understand, and support each other if colleagues share an actual connection. Your team arrives as co-workers and leaves as co-sailors.

3. Add spirit to the team

Companies are divided into departments and often these departments stick together. They have their own hierarchy, team, and goals. But employees should feel like one big team working together, regardless of departments.
Crewing a sailboat ignites that feeling. Sailing is incredibly inclusive.

Whether young or old, senior or junior, everybody in your team comes together and masters the sails. Because, if they don’t, the boat just does not sail! And by collaborating on board a boat, the team spirit peaks, leaving your employees with pride and a sense of togetherness. This is what you want to take back to the office.

4. Let’s talk communication

Communication is without a doubt the key to countless situations in life. At work, in politics, in relationships, and for sure on board a sailboat.

As a crew everybody needs to be involved, the wind can change quickly and proper communication becomes fundamental. Being in sync while sailing, where your team directly experiences the effects of good or bad communication, is a valuable lesson that employees will remember.

And once they figure out sailing together, they can figure out everything else, too. Miscommunication at work becomes an issue of the past.

5. It’s not just about setting the sails

Depending on the trip you chose, there is way more to experience than just sailing together. Swimming and relaxing in one of the many pristine bays in the Adriatic Sea or exploring the charming islands in Croatia… These are all perfect opportunities to connect with each other.

Does your team need more action? Setting up a SUP race is a fun activity while at anchor.

At the end of a long sailing day, the crew can get together to enjoy the culinary side of Croatia with local food and wine. Moreover, if you plan a multi-day trip for your employees, masters of the kitchen are required. Cooking up your signature dishes on board is another great opportunity to get to know each other better.

To sum up…

High productivity boils down to being a good team. And the best teams understand each other, communicate well, and maintain interpersonal relationships.

In short, sailing is a great team building event that boosts productivity. Let us help you organize your sailing trip in Croatia as an excellent team-building event. Choose between comfortable and spacious catamarans (for teams of 8-10 people) or fast sailing performance X-Yachts (for smaller teams of 4-6). If your team building event includes multiple departments from your company, have each boat accommodate one department or mix them up, so they get to know each other better.

We provide:

  • professional skippers and instructors
  • hostess’ that will make sure your team is well supplied on nutrients
  • provisions on board
  • suggest the best route and off board activities (wine-tasting, dinners, guided tours, hiking, biking, quad adventures etc.)
  • arranged transfers

With our wide network of business partners and associates and over 30 years of experience in the boating business, rest assured your team building sailing event is the one your employees will never forget. And this experience boosts their productivity, improves their communication, and increases their job satisfaction.

Send us an email to request your offer and our charter team will reply as soon as possible.

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