Lagoon history – from extravagant racers to unmatched luxury

The Lagoon story is certainly an impressive one. Unorthodox and daring since its very beginnings in 1984, Lagoon remains innovative. They bring revolutionary solutions to the industry with every new model in the wide range.
Today, the company is the market leader in the multihull segment with more than 7000 boats produced.
Here, we’ll try to tell the story with key moments in the company’s history. These led to the iconic status and worldwide reputation that it enjoys today.

Racing heritage

Back in 1984 Lagoon was a part of JTA (Jeanneau Technologies Avancees). This was a highly specialized division that produced record-breaking racers, including maxi-multihulls. Speed, stability and overall performance of the boats were ground breaking and significantly ahead of competition.
The principles and technology invented during the racing boat development were soon applied to the first generation of leisure and off-shore cruising catamarans.
Another project from this pioneering era is the development of custom trimaran for Hollywood sci-fi spectacle starring Kevin Costner, The Waterworld.

Revolutionizing multihull cruising, annually

In the period between 1987 and 1996 Lagoon first gained a global following and a reputation for elegant lines, exquisite build quality, and superior performance.
The first model manufactured for commercial purposes was the Lagoon 55. In 1992 the Beneteau Group acquired Construction Navale Bordeaux and therefor Lagoon as well. New models, Lagoons 57, 67 and 67 owner version plus smaller 37 and 42 models to fit in the charter market. Regardless of the very limited production numbers, Lagoon was soon recognized as a manufacturer that did everything better.
The key to the company’s global success is sticking to basic principles:

  1. excellent design
  2. high-quality construction
  3. absolute use of limited space
  4. taking both customer satisfaction and opinions quite literally and seriously in further development

Most notable features included the vertical glazing in the 410 model that modernized space management in multi-hulls. Also, positioning the engine in the 380 model resulted with silent cabins and easy maneuvering.

Lagoon – world leader

In 2003 Lagoon became the world leader in production of cruising catamarans, with over 80 authorized representatives worldwide.
Nautika centar Nava is proud to have partnered up with Lagoon in 2001. This means our company was one of Lagoon’s earliest partners outside of their domestic French market. Our efforts to introduce catamarans to the thriving Croatian market have brought significant success for both companies. It put Croatia on the map as a well-known catamaran and leisure cruising destination. Comfort seeking sailors and hedonists of the world could find plenty of options in Croatia. Lagoon has recognized Nava as one of its key European partners, and has awarded the company as both the best dealer and the best owner’s event organization on several accounts.
Years that followed have brought more innovation and many firsts for Lagoon. Subtle changes in the elegant design had a radical impact on the performance of the boats. Furthermore, the never-ending improvements of the interior, add more space for people that understand and appreciate what Lagoon’s all about – bringing comfort to the sailing world.

So, where’s Lagoon today?

Still on top, well prepared to please the most demanding clients with the new extravagant SEVENTY range. Likewise, even the wide array of the more accessible models, balance comfort, luxury and performance perfectly.

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