Not that we like dwelling in the past, but it’s important to recognize significant and successful beginnings. More than 40 years ago, the Australian luxury yacht brand, Riviera, started developing excellent boats. So let’s take a brief journey back to 1980, when it all started. 

Riviera’s Pioneering Beginnings (1980)

What’s clear is that innovation was at the heart of Riviera right from the start. There was never any doubt about Riviera’s promising future, and by the end of 1981, the company had relocated to the Gold Coast, Queensland. A dedicated team of five employees began crafting 8 new vessels that year. Their strong belief in a prosperous future quickly became a reality, and the company continued forward at a rapid pace.

Entering Global Markets (1990s)

Riviera produced numerous cutting-edge vessels, and acquired international popularity as they started exporting to Europe and the USA. The development of new models and Riviera’s success story culminated by their reception of the Modern Boating’s Boat of the Year award for three consecutive years, starting in the early 1990s. By 1998, the number of employees in the company increased to 280 employees. Hence, Riviera opened a new facility in Coomera. There were no longer any limits to advancement; innovation, prestige, and luxury. Riviera unquestionably stood out in the maritime industry.

Rodney Longhurst’s Vision of Riviera (2012)

In 2012, Rodney Longhurst took over Riviera with a clear goal: to make it a globally recognized brand that exceeds others in every aspect of the boating lifestyle. He combined his business skills with a passion for boats, creativity, quality, and innovation. Today, Riviera has achieved numerous successes, has maintained a steady growth and worldwide acclaim. By the looks of it, this is only the beginning.

Unveiling a Bright Future

Reflecting on Riviera’s journey, it’s evident that from its pioneering beginnings in 1980, marked by innovation and firm belief, to its global market presence and Rodney Longhurst’s transformative vision in 2012, the company has solidified its place in the maritime industry. Riviera’s story is a testament to persistence, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. And we expect many stunning yachts in the decades to come.

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