Aquamatic Diesel engines guarantee safe driving and easy maneuvering even in rough sea conditions. They will effortlessly handle even the biggest waves while keeping the outstanding grip, handling, and efficiency at any and every speed.

EngineKw / HpMax RPMProduct Info
D4-230 A DPH169 / 2303400PDF
D4-230 A DPI169 / 2303400PDF
D4-270 A DPI199 / 2703500PDF
D4-270 A DPH199 / 2703500PDF
D6-300 A212 / 2893500PDF
D4-300 A214 / 2913500PDF
D6-300 A DPI221 / 3003300PDF
D6-300 A DPH221 / 3003300PDF
D6-330 A233 / 3173500PDF
D4-320 A DPI235 / 3203600PDF
D6-340 A DPI250 / 3403400PDF
D6-340 A DPH250 / 3403400PDF
D6-370 A261 / 3553500PDF
D6-380 A DPH280 / 3803500PDF
D6-380 A DPI280 / 3803500PDF
D6-400 A281 / 3823500PDF
D6-400 A DPI294 / 4003500PDF
D6-400 A DPH294 / 4003500PDF
D6-440 A DPI214 / 4403700PDF

Leisure engines

The horizon is just a starting line. From the home shores to the great beyond, every trip at sea should make you crave another. At Volvo Penta, we are shaping the future of leisure boating through services, technology, and power solutions that ensure your next adventure will be the most exhilarating yet.

Diesel Inboard

by Volvo Penta

A wide selection of Volvo Penta diesel engines and buckles are an ideal combination for recreational vessels.

Integral and compact drive systems are simple to maintain and have superb performances such as reliability, economy, optimized navigation, power and durability.

Diesel Aquamatic

by Volvo Penta

In its unique way, Aquamatic sterndive offers a complete solution for boaters that expect an optimal combination of performances, cruising experience and comfort.

In a range of 140 to 400 HP, Aquamatic diesel engines provide a sports feeling on boats from 6 to 15 meters of length. All Volvo Penta AQUAMATIC diesel engines in accordance with highest ecology standards: US EPA Tier 3. Gas emissions are 40% and hydrocarbon levels are 20% reduced compared to previous series.

Volvo Penta IPS

by Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta IPS is a modern inboard propulsion system.

There are many advantages compared to other similar systems, in particular when it comes to  driving, comfort and on-board safety.

Petrol Aquamatic

by Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta is the indisputable leader in marine inovation and has been setting new standards in technology concerning gas emissions.

The new generations of the engines V6-200 and V6-240 offer superb fuel efficiency and performances, but are at the same time way under the strictest gas emissions standards.

Commercial engines

Uptime, all the time. No matter the course, get the most out of your journey. Whatever the mission, maneuver it with ease. Volvo Penta shapes the future of the commercial marine industry by providing the most reliable, sustainable products and services – optimizing uptime and productivity for businesses around the globe.

Propulsion IPS

by Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS) packages ensure excellence in all conditions.

With IPS, you get unmatched maneuverability, high productivity and low fuel consumption.

Propulsion Diesel Inboard

by Volvo Penta

Strong, powerful and reliable – the 3 words that perfectly depitch Diesel Inboard engines, regardless of conditions or cargo.

Every engine has unique marine torque technology, but there’re two things they all have in common: low emissions and high reliability.

Propulsion Aquamatic Diesel

by Volvo Penta

Aquamatic Diesel engines guarantee safe driving and easy maneuvering even in rough sea conditions.

They will effortlessly handle even the biggest waves while keeping the outstanding grip, handling, and efficiency at any and every speed.

Marine Genset 50 Hz

by Volvo Penta

Marine Genset packages are sustainable and seriously strong.

Explore the best combination of fit-for purpose marine generator sets.

Marine Genset 60 Hz

by Volvo Penta

Ranging from 136 to 508 kW, these generator sets ensure optimum quality and reliability.

Discover the generator sets that offer everything, from flexible solutions for diesel-electric to hotel loads, conventional marine generator sets, variable speed generator sets, or DC/AC power.

Marine Auxiliary Heat Exchanger

by Volvo Penta

Discover a range of flexible, robust and highly fuel efficient engines.

Auxiliary solutions are thoroughly tested and proven to have high performance and unbeatable uptime.

Marine Auxiliary Keel Cooled

by Volvo Penta

This range will make your life and work on board simple and productive.

The design is compact, service points are highly accessible and installation, service, and maintainance is simple and straightforward.

Marine Auxiliary Radiator Cooled

by Volvo Penta

The excellent power-to-weight ratio will keep your costs of ownership down without compromising the serious strength.

Explore a wide range of both variable and constant speed engines with high power and unique marine torque.

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