The Final Countdown to Boot Düsseldorf 2024!

The world’s largest indoor yacht and watersports show, boot Düsseldorf 2024 is almost here and Nautika Centar Nava and Nimbus’ team are gearing up for joint participation! Join us from 20 to 28 January 2024 at Hall 4, Stand A56 – A62, for the waves of excitement!

Nimbus boats at display

Now, let’s unravel the treasures that await you at the Nimbus stand – a dazzling display of eight exquisite boat models that redefine the essence of nautical excellence.

Tender 11

The maritime journey begins with the nimble Tender 11. It’s easy to picture yourself cruising the open waters in this sleek masterpiece, where modern design meets powerful performance. With its versatile layout and impeccable attention to detail, the Tender 11 invites you to experience luxurious boating.

Tender 9 

Next in line is the Tender 9, designed for adventurers that don’t want to compromise on comfort. Versatility meets power as you explore hidden coves and embrace the thrill of speed. The T9 promises exhilarating cruises.

Weekender 11

The crown jewel of the Day Cruiser series, Weekender 11, is a floating palace that redefines boating and perfectly unites style and performance. The W11 invites you to savor the thrills of the sea.

Weekender 9

Following its big brother is the Weekender 9. It’s a sophisticated retreat. Its curves are impeccably designed, and promise an experience that transcends the ordinary. Enjoy the serenity of the sunset, or set off on adrenaline-pumping escapades.

Commuter 9

The Nimbus C9 is a thoughtfully designed vessel that prioritizes spaciousness and functionality to provide the best possible onboard load capacity and freedom of movement. Navigating coastal waters becomes a celebration of sophistication, with panoramic views from the well-appointed cockpit.

305 Coupe

In Nimbus’ sea of offerings, the 305 Coupe redefines the possibilities of size with agile elegance. Tailored for those who appreciate a luxurious and compact cruising experience, this motorboat proves that great things indeed come in small, stylish packages.

365 Coupe 

Cruise the seas effortlessly aboard the 365 Coupe. Admire the refined craftsmanship and thoughtful design, and let this boat show you a world where spacious interiors meet a commanding presence on the water. 

405 Coupe

And as the cherry on top, prepare to be captivated by the seafaring majesty of the 405 Coupe. Step aboard and enjoy the sophistication and luxury designed for those who demand the very best of the boating indurstry. Explore it live at boot Düsseldorf.

Join us at boot Düsseldorf!

Join us at boot Düsseldorf, Hall 4, Stand A56-A62, and take a look at these masterpieces in person! Our team invites you to schedule a personal meeting to delve deeper into the world of luxury boating. Seize the opportunity to explore these motorboats up close, ask questions, and request a special offer just for you.

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