Lagoon Escapade Croatia celebrates Lagoon’s 40th anniversary

The Lagoon World Escapade 2024 just finished. It was just one part of Lagoon’s celebration of their 40th anniversary. The Lagoon World Escapade was an amazing event held simultaneously across the globe, from Australia to Brazil. In total, there were 30 worldwide regional Lagoon Escapades. This worldwide celebration brought together sailing aficionados to honor four decades of Lagoon’s exemplary contributions to catamaran design and innovation. All over the world, there were over 2400 Lagoon lovers on more than 400 catamarans sailing all around the world in celebration of Lagoon’s 40th anniversary! All of the Lagoon range was present at the Escapade, from Lagoon 40 to SEVENTY 8.

The Croatian Escapade, was an international event, featuring 12 vessels, crewed by over 90 dedicated sailors. From the stunning Lagoon Sixty5, to the excellent Lagoons 51 and 50, with trustworthy Lagoons 46 and 42, and the smallest Lagoons 40, all catamarans and crews demonstrated remarkable skill and tenacity throughout the event.

It all started in Split…

Festivities began on the 15th May with welcome drinks and snacks that set a celebratory tone for the days ahead. It all took place in front of our headquarters on the West Coast, in Split. Attendees enjoyed an evening of luxury and leisure, with a DJ providing lively music, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere. Guests savored a selection of finger food and an open bar, featuring the exclusive signature Lagoon cocktail, which added a unique touch to the evening’s offerings.

Bracing the winds on the way to Maslenica

The Lagoon Escapade commenced under heavy winds, with the morning of the first day characterized by strong southerly winds. These challenging conditions presented a true test for all participants. The sailors’ proficiency and determination were challenged as they navigated through the turbulent weather. Nonetheless, all the crews persevered despite the winds and waves.

Upon successfully reaching Maslenica, the skies started clearing up and the sun allowed even a quick swim. After a light lunch and some well-deserved rest, we set everything up for our dinner and party. The combination of welcome drinks, dinner, and the pool party undoubtedly energized everyone and fostered camaraderie.

Racing towards Rogoznica

On the second day, the Lagoon Escapade departed from Maslenica and set sail towards Rogoznica. The agenda included a 10-mile race, which had to be cut short due to low wind conditions later in the afternoon. Some crews showcased a true competitiveness and eagerness to win. The final results: Princess Fontanka (Lagoon 450 F) with the UK team came in first, Twin Joy+ (Lagoon 51), second with the team from Finland, and Negroni, (another Lagoon 51) came in third with a Croatian team.

After the race, the fleet docked at Marina Frapa in Rogoznica. Preparations were immediately underway for the final evening of the Lagoon Escapade Croatia. After apéritifs and a delicious multi-course buffet dinner, it was time for the awards ceremony, a viewing of the Coral Guardian video, a commendable project that Lagoon wholeheartedly supports. Then it was time for the last party.

The Croatian part of the Lagoon World Escapade tested sailing abilities, and also celebrated the endurance and superior craftsmanship of Lagoon Catamarans. Furthermore, the event promoted the adventurous spirit and global camaraderie of the sailing community.

Finally, stay tuned for more photos and videos of the Lagoon Escapade Croatia, and make sure to follow us on our social media channels to stay up-to-date with Nava and Lagoon! Or just watch our official after-movie:

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